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  1. G_Man

    My it stands...

    As promised in the newbie thread I started, some pics of my Leon. These were taken at VW Fest today at Harewood house in Leeds, have a load more on the way so will post some more up as they come. Anyway here is what I have so far....might not be to everyones tastes...
  2. G_Man

    Yello guys...oldie here

    Hi guys n gals, Hows everything around here? Havent visited in so long. Old members will remember me, new ones will not know me. But hello to everyone. :) For the record....this was my Micra, some 5years ago now (doesnt time fly) Been through many diff cars since the micra...
  3. G_Man

    14th Feb

    What you all buying you ladies? reason for making this thread is cos i dont have a clue, so wondering what you guys have bought? :)
  4. G_Man

    New wheels on the BMW Cabby :)

    :) comments welcome
  5. G_Man

    New carrrr

    Hey, never on here much, but randomly come back and check the site :) anyway thought id come stick a few pics up of my new car :) thoughts? crap pics, they dont do the car justice at all
  6. G_Man

    My Ibiza Cupra

    since gettin my Ibiza back in February nothing much has chnaged with it just been spending money fixing problems I have been having etc. Anyway i finally got some money where I thought i could spend it on the car changing things :) This is how my car looked on Friday (old pic but nothing had...
  7. G_Man

    Well, i've moved on again...

    Got myself a new car last thursday after selling the pug 4 weeks ago :) time flies, anyway, eventually got round to taking a few decent pics, so here goes Ovni Yellow Ibiza Cupra 1.8 20Valve Turbo :) enjoy :) G_Man
  8. G_Man


    Heyyy, anyone using mozilla firefox instead of Internet explorer? my favourites/bookmarks keep deleting themselves, and i dont know why, anyone shed any light?? Thank ya
  9. G_Man

    Kenwood KVT920DVD Touchscreen headunit

    KVT920DVD Kenwood KVT-920DVD 6.5 inch Wide In Dash TV with CD/DVD player 6.5 inch Wide Colour Touch Screen TFT Active Matrix Display, Semi Automatic Open/Close Mechanism, Interactive Touch Panel Control with New GUI, Tilt angle Adjust (25 degrees), Motorised Back and Forth Display Position...
  10. G_Man

    206 Update

    Not sure if anyone will be interested but thought i would throw up a lil update, car is not for sale anymore and since decidign tht i have changed a few things, had the gti180 wheels done in gloss black and the roof gloss black too, only pic i have below but will be gettin some more today so...
  11. G_Man

    Rap impersonator :o legend lol
  12. G_Man

    For Sale-drivers wing mirror/colour coded Thanks :)
  13. G_Man

    My Pug 206 Grand Tourisme

    Not sure if this will get much interest on here but just generating interest at the moment, but as the title says, im thinking about putting my Pug up for sale. Just a quick Spec :) 96k Specification - Grand Tourisme Limited Edition No. 1525 Engine: 2.0 litre GTi BMC Carbon induction...
  14. G_Man

    New Wheels :)

    I knows its not a micra, but just thought i would post a few pics, some people might be interested :) Finally got some GTi 180 wheels What you think?? :D
  15. G_Man

    Few pics of the Pug

    Thought i hadnt put a few pics up lately so thought i would update for anyone interested :) Pics taken a few weeks ago but nothing has really changed, jus had the new exhausts put on about a month or 2 ago :) and the phase 2 bootlid handle too which Dan kindly sprayed for me :) anyways for the...
  16. G_Man

    Painted Cam Cover
  17. G_Man

    Jus cleaned my pics :)

  18. G_Man

    Radio Signal thingys...

    Anyone seen those things that plug into the iPod where it creates a radio signal so you can tune into it on your car stereo and listen to songs off your iPod thru your car speakers? Jus curious as to whether they do something similar for phones?? I have a sony ericsson W800 walkman phone and...
  19. G_Man

    Missing my car....

    My car is in the bodyshop and i just want it back, gon be in the till Thursday and i left it there at half 8 yesterday morning. Jus cant imagine how Dan feels lol anyone else liek this? :p
  20. G_Man

    Horrific F1 Accident *Gory Image*

    :D stolen off CS :o