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    Weber carb

    Hi, I have a clio1 1.4 rt standing in the yard that I am breaking... It has a weber 32 drtm carb, which I could adjust so it would fit my ma10 :p BUT it is quite some work, and I would like to know what you guys think of this ? My main concern is, will I be able to set it up properly (idle...
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    White k10 on ebay

    It has a foah top spoiler, rear bumper I've never seen and some kind of foah skirts. It also has super s alloys, need to be refurbished. Perhaps one to strip for parts ? It's a real bargain :p...
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    Delta kit

    Hi, I was just wondering, can the delta kit be bought in parts too ? because I really like the roofspoiler and the skirts, but the front bumper is just plain ugly imo. Also, does anyone know where to get a hold on march k11 front calipers like the ones arnold has ? The piston diameter is...
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    Black super s color code

    I need to respray my front bumper but don't have the color code. Can anyone tell me the code of the black metallic super s please ? Thanks ! Ne1LL.
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    Interior pics

    Does anyone have pictures of the interior of their micra's ? I would love to see some, since I'm looking for some inspiration for my '87 dx... Thanks, Ne1LL
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    225/45/14 ?

    Hi, my name is leroy, I live in belgium, I'm new... I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with 14" wheels, 9" wide with 225/45/14 tyres on it. I would like to put borbet wheels on my k10... fwn