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  1. Baz

    St front seats

    Anyone have a car for breaking with clean seats ?
  2. Baz

    Didnt take long...

    .... to have it back out on track
  3. Baz

    Ht10 wanted

    Need a broken one just for the exhaust housing , no crazy prices , cash waiting
  4. Baz

    Wanted: A pair of mint corner/side light +wind deflector

    Lads , I'm after a set of mint front corner lamps for an 89 K10, no cracks/mossy look etc Also a long shot after a genuine passenger side wind deflector from a jap spec 3 dr k10 Cash waiting
  5. Baz

    A few Super Turbo bits

    Hi guys a few bits and pieces here for grabs. All parts are priced excluding postage/shipping Open to decent off on some parts St Cam shaft £25 St Cam cover, paint in decent condition £30 Bonnet Rubber seal for Intercooler and Intercooler cover (excellent condition) rare parts £50 Sump £20...
  6. Baz

    March Super Turbo Gearbox and parts

    I have a Full gearbox with factory viscous LSD which needs an input shaft bearing works perfect no crunches or whining, just noisy at idle.Perfect for a track car as is or I can get repaired-OFFERS Through pm and take into account shipping From Republic of Ireland. I have a spare Gear Set also...
  7. Baz

    Blown or cheap Ht10 wanted ??

    Anyone got one I need an exhaust housing? Thanks Barry
  8. Baz

    Figaro Oil pressure switch location

    Is this located in the turbo oil feed the same as the ST ? Thanks Barry
  9. Baz

    New Forum

    Loving the new forums guys;)
  10. Baz

    Nissan March Super Turbo's

    I know their is a few Irish lads on this Forum with Super turbo's they are not using. I am looking for full cars that need some work done on them I dont care what condition they are in, as long as the price is right I have the cash waiting for the right car. Contact me through pm or this...
  11. Baz

    Virus On the forum

    My anti Virus blocks a threat everytime I log in here today can someone check it out please (Y)
  12. Baz

    My 1989 March Super Turbo Rebuild

    Well I've decided to make a start on this , turbo has been sent to Turbo Technics today to be rebuilt as there is nearly 100k miles on it roughly I think.Exhaust housing is cracked to ####. Allot of play in the shaft. So should hear back from them next week. Other plans are recondition the...
  13. Baz

    Turbo problem causing missing coolant?

    Could worn seals in a turbo cause a loss in coolant and smoke at high rpm when throttle is closed?and when I open the throttle slightly a huge amount of smoke cmes from the exhaust?
  14. Baz

    Who asked me for the ST reverse lights in the Bumper???

    I found a set :laugh:
  15. Baz

    JAE 2011 ,Anyone need any st parts brought over?

    As above I'll be going but I'll be on a stand with an Irish forum not the Msc
  16. Baz

    March Super turbo for sale (Not mine) Based in cork Ireland, discuss:laugh:
  17. Baz

    My Project for the last year (Not an st)

    I tought I'd post this in here just to give you an idea why I havnt been too active on here in the last year, the st really is evolving into a full time track car so I have moved onto something bigger(Y) My brother Gav left me the car when he died back in November 2009,the two of us could...
  18. Baz

    Anyone looking for ST Parts

    I have a few bits and bobs lying around anyone need anything?
  19. Baz

    New server

    = fail
  20. Baz


    I'm after finding a spare UFO valve is anyone looking for one?