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  1. Christopher Andrews

    Pictures of Vacuum Control Valve (UFO) Internals

    Hello, I'm still trying to suss out what's wrong with the engine over boosting and I'm slowing checking all of the devices as per the Nissan engine manual. One item that I haven't tested is the UFO valve. I was looking through the older posts and someone pulled of of their duplicate valves...
  2. Christopher Andrews

    ST Swap Overboost

    So I got the ST Engine swapped into the Figaro. I finally managed to get it running after it sitting in the garage for about three weeks. It turned out the spark plugs were fouled despite running for two days before deciding to give up the ghost. Anyhow, before it died, it had a pretty rough...
  3. Christopher Andrews

    Super Turbo Driveshafts

    Hey Guys, I acquired a Super Turbo engine recently for a conversion swap into my Figaro. I figured the driveshafts would be the same as the Figaro so I never ended up getting them as part of the purchase. I did some quick searches and didn't come up with any easy answers on what I can stuff...
  4. Christopher Andrews

    Canadian needs some help with a Figaro Conversion (Driveshafts or Uprights)

    Hey Guys, I just got my transmission into my Figaro and all of the bits sourced here and a I ran into a problem with the drive shafts. The shafts on the Figaro are bigger than the K10 shafts that I have from the donor car. The car is long gone so I don't have access to any of the parts. I...
  5. Christopher Andrews

    Canadian looking for RHD pedal box on a K10

    Hey Guys, I stumbled upon this site looking for some information on doing a manual transmission swap on my Figaro. Micras are pretty scarce in Canada, but I ended up finding one with all of the goodies I need, except that the pedal box is incompatible. Does anyone have a K10 pedal box and...