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    As in the title, am looking for a Frankspeed manifold, let us know how much.. Cheers J
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    Nistune ECU, Nismo etc FS

    Hi all, am looking to sell the following items i no longer need!! 1. ECU with a Nistune board fitted and a Turbo Base Map (fitted & tested by ED from Fusion Motorsport) never got to fit on my car! 2. Modified Injector Rail with Injectors 3. Dashboard Pod 4. 2nd Din dash unit for gauges or a car...
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    --- Turbo ---

    Hi, am looking to take off my turbo from my micra and go back to standard as im looking to sell my car now, the exhausts system is custom made by Powerflow and has all piping and intercooler etc, can anyone what its worth? I bave the nistune basemap ecu, SR20 injectors, modified rail and FSE...
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    Inlet Manifold Gaskets ~~~~~~~~~~

    Hi all, been meaning to ask this for a loooong time but keep forgeting, anyway.... Question is are there another type of gasket for the inlet manifold that stops the heat transfer from the cylinder head to the inlet manifold, i.e. some kind of plastic type that can withstand heat, reason for...
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    Inlet Manifold ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    As stated, want a manifold for my pre-facelift!! Prices please!! J
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    Almera N15 Brakes ----------------

    I know its been covered so many times and i did do a sesrch but cannot seem to find the comparison for the 1.4 and 1.6 calipers, could someone clarify the calpers and discs from the 1.4 and 1.6 almera are the exact same despite the engine size? The year of model is 1995 - 1999. Cheers J
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    K11 Super S ~~~~~~~ Seat Hinge

    As in the title, am looking for a Super S rear Seat Hinge, where you sit at.the back the bottom seat folds over, each seatvhas X2 hinges, weill i need 1 or 2 if anyone has any lying around!!! Let us know with prices please.. Cheers J
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    F/S: Janspeed 4 branch Manifold , JDM Rear Lights, Side Skirts & 2nd din facia unit ~~ UPDATED

    Ok as I'm running turbo, I'm looking to sell my Janspeed 4 branch manifold, downpipe and middle pipe as they are no use to me anymore and am looking £180 for them, recently cleaned up and painted!! Pick up or to arrange your courier. Also.. I have a pair of JDM rear lights that I'm not using...
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    Cosmetic changes ------------------------------

    Hi all, been a while since i posted any updates of my car, so here goes, ive added a set of rear JDM rear lights (the ones i was after for a long while) fitted and working sweet, roof has the chequered flag vynl... bonnet matt black vynl with style white stripes, the front lights + fog lights...
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    Pre-facelift K11 Boot Handle ------------------

    As in the title above, am needing a pre-face K11 rear Boot Handle Price and picture please... Cheers. J
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    Roof Drain ways ------------

    Hi, well i hope its the right term, on the roof either side you have plastic strips, can they come off, if so are they easy to come off without breaking or snapping etc? Cheers J
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    AFR Gauge Fitment ------------

    Hiya all, am planning to fit an AFR Gauge to my car and just recieved a boss for the lambda sensor to fit to and want to know roughly how close to the down pipe does it need to be welded!!! I.e. Can i have the boss welded near the lambda sensor that is currently on my exhaust? Thanks J
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    Catch Tank ----------------------

    Hiya, a quick question on Catch Tanks, are they easy to fit ?? If so what would be the best way to do it? And as theres a carbon canister in the back of the engine does that have to come out in its place i.e. Is it the same sort of thing and is the carbon canister really needed in any way...
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    WTD: Lightned & Balanced Flywheel for Preface 1LTR

    As above wanted a 1ltr pre-facelift lightened and balanced flywheel fpr an (M - Reg) Cheers J
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    AFR gauge --------------

    Hi, wanna ask, the AFR gauge, how is this connected, do i have to get a boss welded into the exhaust to fit a sensor or can the wires get rigged to the lambda sensor without the hassle of welding a boss?? J
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    Intercooler -------------

    Hi, as i have turbo fitted on my car, not yet been on rollers, but soon will be!! the turbo itself is a Garrett T3 (big turbo) do i really need an intercooler for it?, the turbo is up front so airflow does hit it as well as water pipes circulate the turbo housing i.e. water cooled.. Any...
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    Would this plug fit?????

    Hi Guys, quick question o ask if this Magnetic Sump Plug would fit on the Micra Sump? Link Below!! J
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    Nismo JDM front & Rear bumper splitter

    As said above am looking for a front and rear bumper splitter Nismo/JDM one, PM ar reply please... Cheers J
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    Oil leak -----

    Just Checked my car and noticed under around the gearbox and the oil sump area has oil on it also around the distributor area, any ideas where the leak could be? Any pointers?? Rocker gasket? Could the distributor cause any leak?? Cheers guys.... J
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    Watford ---------

    Who has a k11 with. A red body, white bonnet and white front grill in the named area above ??? J