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  1. Speedle

    I'm Back!.... Kinda!

    I'm Back!.... Kinda!
  2. Speedle

    K10 Wanted

    Stories of my demise are in fact untrue. I'm still alive (those who even remember me) ;) Anyways, I'm looking for a k10 for a project car. Seems they are a bit thin on the ground these days! Ideally I want a Super S, but all types considered. Don't care if the engines gone as that's a 4 hour...
  3. Speedle

    Not very much inspiring happening yet.

    liking that impul front bumper, some definite GT-R styling in that ;)
  4. Speedle

    K10 turbo for sale!!!!!!!!!!

    that looks like Ians K10 used to be a regualr member on here! bloody nice example!
  5. Speedle

    My GSX

  6. Speedle

    K10 Break In - Arghhh!

    if you do it in combination with a good enough alarm system with anti hijack the doors will lock automatically after you start the car ;)
  7. Speedle

    K10 Break In - Arghhh!

    had this happen to me twice now. several things you can do to help. fit central locking and then remove the door pins. this means the reach in and pull up the door pin trick wont work. get a cheap alarm, as long as it has a flashing LED and makes a noise thats often enough to put off the chance...
  8. Speedle

    Figaro engine conversion

    the ma10t runs about 76bhp at the fly the manual box will easily take that i've had over 90bhp at the fly going through one and it was fine as was the clutch (which was a blueprint one)
  9. Speedle

    performance k10 exhaust manifolds

    I've managed to get a fair amount out of one ;) any excuse to show off my old car in all its glory :D thats a k11 4-2-1 btw :D as far as im aware i'm the ony person to have used one on a k10 go me!
  10. Speedle

    Antony's Mr2 Blog

    you can pick up a rad for about £90 new on ebay mate, its a very common thing to go due to it being right in the front bumper and they do get hammered! make sure you check the mr2oc for a guide on fitting it, as you have to bleed the air out of the system and its no easy task! :( theres plenty...
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    Antony's Mr2 Blog

    some shameless pic whoreing of my rev3 ;)
  12. Speedle

    Antony's Mr2 Blog

    welcome to mr2 ownership mate! get over to ;) you'll not find a better handling car for the money :D
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    Curtis First K10 on eBay

    damn it i meant JAP! annoying that i cant edit my posts!
  14. Speedle

    Curtis First K10 on eBay

    yup the kap k10's for the most part have PAS, i have seen one UK spec that had it fitted. k11 PAS could easily be fitted to the k10 with some mods
  15. Speedle

    k10 Ga16 project

    awesome work mate! be fantastic to see this tax, tested and on the road!
  16. Speedle

    Makrakin's K10 Blog :D

    ncie to see someone copying my white line on the rear lights idea :D did that to my first one :p nearly 8 years ago now :p
  17. Speedle

    fittin shocks

    more than likely! :D
  18. Speedle

    15s on a k10?

    get the correct offset and you'll have no problems
  19. Speedle

    K10 performance parts, webers for sale

    i hope you didnt sell those webbers for less than £350 dave! without doubt these are the best performance mod a k10 owner can ever hope to get!
  20. Speedle

    fittin shocks

    takes a while the first time you do it but after that its very easy! i lowered Arnolds car once in just over an hour! ;) didnt even have to use spring compressors! :D