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    Which 13" wheels fit a Pao?

    I know many people are using non-stock wheels on their Pao's. Are there any 13" wheels from any other car models that will directly swap over to the Pao -- with adequate offsets to clear unaltered fenders and wheelwells? I have seen a lot of specially made, aftermarket 13" (and larger) wheels...
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    K10 1.0L engine (89 Pao)

    The oil dipstick tube on my 1.0 is crazy out of view, sticking up only about 1" from the crankcase! Since the tube is not visible at all, in order for me to return the dipstick into the tube, I have to get a flashlight and make a few stabs in the dark trying to re-insert it way down there in...
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    What is this device in my ashtray - 89 Pao

    Have this 89 Pao. I noticed this electronic device stuffed in the ashtray. It lights up when the ignition is on. (See attached pix) It has two buttons and what looks like an ON/OFF switch which does nothing. HOWEVER, when I press the middle button, a woman's voice comes on and says something...
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    AC/Heat vent grill - diffuser?

    I'm missing the left side vent grill (I think it's called a diffuser?) from my 89 Pao. Two questions: 1) Are there other Nissan models that have the same size grill that I can use? 2) HOW do you remove these vents without cracking the plastic? Thanks for any info.
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    Auto Trans fluid type?

    Looking to do some service on new-to-me 1989 Pao K10, auto tranny. No owners manual... What type trans fluid and how much? Thanks.
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    Where to find replacement windscreen gasket?

    Working on the 89 Pao. The windshield gasket has shrunk and I'd like to get a replacement. Surely there is some generic gasket that can be used, right? Any one? Thanks.
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    '89 fan relay? Fan on all the time

    Have a new-to-me 89 Pao. The fan turns on any time the ignition is on. Found that the fan is hot wired to a side of the coil, so obviously the thermostat switch or something else is wrong. Any tips what to check? Where to find the thermostat switch? Should I just rewire in an aftermarket thermo...
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    Just got an 89 Pao - where is an English Owner's Manual??

    Is there an English version of an Owner's Manual for my new-to-me 89 Pao? Just need some basics, like engine oil type and amount; trans oil and amount; maybe a wiring diagram? Do most of you just get a Micra workshop manual? Also, where is the best place to get parts? Ebay? Direct from Japan...