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    Nissan Primera 02-06

    A serious post in here for once! Shocker i know! After selling the 160SR due to my GF having a baby and us driving her lil K11 bless Betsy! Our child has arrived (Tyler James - 18/09/09 - 6lb 11oz) and we are now in the market for a "family" car. I have looked about the usual suspects...
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    Roof Rack

    I have a K12 Micra roof rack from my old K12, but i appear to have lost the key. Is the key actually needed to fit the roof rack as i am looking at selling it in the future.
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    Amazing Renault Clio

    ...speechless! Spotted this in Blackpool outside my work...check the 4 exhausts but only one with crap all over it! lol
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    K12 Micra CC.

    My girlfriend is looking for a new car around xmas time. She currently drives a k11 and wants a newer, more powerful and cooler car. Shes torn between the Micra CC and 206cc (boooo) please argue in favour of the lovely micra :)
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    EBAY Find

    Little bit expensive for my budget...but WOW...:(...
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    K12 Exhaust

    If i was too get an aftermarket exhaust for my 160, would a 1.4 exhaust fit?