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    Fuel pressure sensor

    Hi got a problem with wife's K12 DCI. Been told that it's possibly the fuel pressure sensor that needs replacing is this a costly part and labour Thanks
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    Engine management light

    Got a 1.5dci k12. When I start the car up and drive for about 10 mins or so everything is fine, I can put the accelerator down quite hard and it will pull quite well. But then after that if I do the same the red engine management light comes on the dashboard and a message on the radio display...
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    Intermittent wiper fault

    Hi my wife's k12 Micra 05 plates intermittent wipers don't work. Any ideas is it a quick fix Thanks
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    Intermittent wipers

    The intermittent wipers don't work on the wife's k12 diesel any ideas, could it be just fuse related?