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  1. Thieme

    Options for piggyback/ECU

    Hey Since i am getting some cams and lighter flywheel in i think it is time for something better ECU wise. I'm a bit torn between a few options like piggybacks like e-manage and Apexi Safc, Nistune or a full standalone. After looking up a whole lot of information i am not to keen on the...
  2. Thieme

    Clutch choice

    Since i am going to put a lightweight flywheel and some cams into my car soon i am looking into changing the clutch at the same time. I hope to be pushing 110 HP so for safe measure i would like a proper clutch. Problem is i would probably really hate having an on/off race/paddle clutch since it...
  3. Thieme

    Performance parts and emissions (MOT)

    Hello, I have been reading here and there on this website for a while now, but i finally registered to ask a question i couldn't get an answer to on the Dutch micra forum. I feel kinda bad this is my first post immediatly asking a question but i don't feel my car is worthy for a post atm :p...