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  1. Acoris

    Would 1.0 CAT fits to my 1.4 Engine?

    I’m looking to buy second hand cat to get rid of check engine light. Thanks in advance.
  2. Acoris

    What parts can i find in Scrapyards for more performance?

    Hi, I’m poor. I can’t afford performance upgrades that costs more than the car. But i have 3 scrapyard next to my house in 5 mn walk. Which Nissan parts i can search for more performance? I know GA16 airfilterbox. Is there any more?
  3. Acoris

    Can I remove the first cat?

    Hi, As some of you know my first cat is total empty. And whatever I did, due to some angle, i cant fit the exhaust pipe correctly to the below of cat. So there is always a leak. Car shutters... Is there a decat pipe for replacing the first cat? So that i can maybe fit correctly. Thanks in advance
  4. Acoris


    Hi Guys, We bought 2 lambdasonne to fix check engine light, and wanted to clear manifold. We opened the Cat and here is the result : Did they emptied the cat for performance? But how did we pass the TüV/MOT? 4 months ago.
  5. Acoris

    Radio Aerial Base Removal?

    Hi Guys, How can i remove this one? My signal is extremely weak.
  6. Acoris

    Right front tire doesn't turn freely

    Hi Guys, When we lift the car up and try to turn the front wheels, left side turns freely but right side doesn't. So we tought its the breaks or breakpads; we removed all the braking parts including brakepads + brakedisk + caliper. Still there is a heavy friction. What may the possible causes...
  7. Acoris

    SOLVED Stiff Gear Stick - not the spring issue.

    Hi Guys, I have no problem changing gears but its kinda stiff and like there is a friction. Also gearstick gets heavier when the engine gets warmer. We thought it may be gearbox oil and yesterday we drained all oil and replaced with new oil. No change. I have read some posts here regarding...
  8. Acoris

    Performance drops after 2000rpm

    Hi all, Its me again. I'm going crazy as I couldn't find the reason; The engine sounds like a vacuum cleaner after 2000rpm and doesn't accelerate as it used to. I thought it was because of the exhaust leak, we change the exhaust but its still not as we first bought. It is not like stalling or...
  9. Acoris

    Is this correct?

    Hi, We change the whole exhaust but i have feeling below picture is not correct. Should i force it more? Its the connection to cat
  10. Acoris

    Urgent question

    Hi, We were changing the exhaust and we damaged the front pipe. We ordered the pipe but forget to order after cat o2 sensor. We heard its nearly impossible to remove 20 year old o2 sensor. Will car work without o2 sensor with the new pipe?
  11. Acoris

    I know it sounds wierd but can i have a facetime or whatsapp video with one you guys?

    Hi! I have so many questions that i would like to get a face to face answers. Would any of you gentelmen would have time to spare for a video chat about my k11? Thanks in advance Serkan
  12. Acoris

    What can i do for more go kart feeling?

    Hi All, Do i have power steering? Can i disable it? What else i can do? Thanks in advance 2000 K11 1.4 Sport Serkan
  13. Acoris

    Sill repair Completed! with pictures!

    Hi All, You know i bought a rusty Micra K11 2 months ago. We were looking for a Toyota Yaris, we drive like 150km to buy one but we were totally disappointed by the engine , so we rejected the deal. We were very upset and demoralized. We checked with close range and saw our micra for...
  14. Acoris

    About Gearbox Spring

    Hi, My gear handle doesn't return back to normal position. I have opened the heat cover under the gearbox and saw that its broken. I took it out and twisted the broken side and replugged it. But still not returning back. I have searched internet, there is only one guy who is selling for 39€...
  15. Acoris

    What is/will be your next car after K11?

    Hi, I'm really curious about. Best Serkan
  16. Acoris

    Engine Light in 1.4 K11 2000

    Hi Again, My engine light is on, what my be the reason? I have attached OBCII and below you can see the fault code and o2 sensors. Many thanks Serkan
  17. Acoris

    Idle Rev?

    Hi All, Newbei here. My IDLE rev is 760, and the car is a little bit shaking during idle. Is it low? 1.4 Motor Thanks and Regards; Serkan
  18. Acoris

    Newbei with a new car. Performance upgrades

    Hi All, I have bought a used K11 - 2000, 1.4 SRI (or Sport) last week. I was wondering what small changes can I make to increase performance / hp a little bit. Not like Turbo, expensive things... Thanks in advance. Best Regards;
  19. Acoris

    I messed up my 1 week car. Please help. K11 1.4 SRI

    Hi All, Last week I bought a 2000 K11 1.4 SRI sport version (850€) . Pictures below. 2 Days ago, I mistakenly (because I'm very stupid) put the jack lift on the wrong spot and the damage at the pictures has happened. I think I damaged the inner sill right? I only have 1 month of TÜV and I need...