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    "Straight pipe" Nissan k12

    Happy new year to everyone. I am just sharing this as when I was looking for a video to se how a k12 sounds with a straight pipe I did not find any. Well basically it was not straight piped what I did is remove the resomator/middle box and replace it with stainless steel piping. I still had...
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    My Nissan K12.

    Hello , this is just a small update on my car and the different things I have done over this last months. I have blaked out my front and back lights. I have delete the resonator/middle box , and I have kept the back box on (there will be a video comming soon for the exhaust). I am working ATM...
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    Nissan Micra k12 LOW KEY

    I have just blaked out my nissa micra. Here is how it looks like now.[emoji4][emoji4]
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    Cold Air Intake (DIY)

    Hey guys , I have just started my DIY cold air intake and this is what I have done so far. So I went to the scrap yard and picked up another air box with the throttle body. What I will be doing is cutting the air box and making a plate to attach the performance air filter. Here are some...
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    The Nissan K12 LOW KEY MOD

    Hi guys i will try to update this from now on as much as i can so we can all learn together. The history of this car is that my neighbour has had it since he got this driving licence, about 12 years ago. One day some kid smashed in to the back right panel and the rear axle was very heavily...
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    Nissan K12 Back Box Delete

    I have posted this little video with the sound of the Micra K12 with out the back box of the exhaust. Soon i will straight pipe the K12 so stay tuned :)
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    Looking For a Body Kit (Wide Body Kit if is possible)

    Hi, I have had sleepless nights thinking in how to try make a special body kit for my k12 but that will have to be in the near future. For now i will like a body kit and if is possible i will like it wide, but i just want something to make my k12 look more aggressive and not look like my aunts...