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    Sticky front caliper

    I've not had time to look at this yet, but the front driver's disk is noticably hotter than the passenger after hearing a brake squeal when driving. Any usual suspect for the micra? slides or is it normally the piston?
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    Rear exhaust heat shield

    How vital is the heatshield over the back box on the micra? I'm guessing not that important, but it must have been put there for a reason. I had a rattle from the back of the car, had a look and the heat shield over the backbox had come loose. I pushed it back up to see what fixings were...
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    Music via bluetooth on non-satnav headunits

    We've got a K12 with bluetooth and no satnav option. The phone connects and works great, is there an option to get music over bluetooth? The aux has no options, I presume only for the aux socket in front of the gearstick.
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    Looking for 1.2 sump part number?

    I've had an advisory on my MOT that the sump should be replaced due to rust, so I'll just change it. There are a few different shaped sumps on ebay for the K12 1.2, is there more than one engine type for the 1.2? Does anyone have the nissan part number for the sump and sump gasket that I can...
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    1.2 oil filter, pain of a place

    That oil filter on the 1.2 is on a pain of a place to get a good grip for tightening, you can only get one hand to it, and your arm is at full stretch, from the side, or underneath, or from the top. I know it'll be tight enough, I can get it physically any tighter by hand, I'd be happier with a...
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    Interior boot handle

    Is there supposed to be an plastic inset or handle on the inside of the boot for closing, or on the edge of it? Ours just has a sharp metal hole, I cant find that handle on ebay or photos anywhere. If there is a handle/insert, could someone could post a photo of their boot then that would help
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    Brakes on the micra

    I've got a 1.2 micra, the brakes on it don't feel great. I replaced the front discs and pads last year and that made it a bit better. I'll admit I'm used to more performance cars, and the brakes on my daily driver are massive, even for a normal car. Even still the micra brakes feel weak. I've...
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    Is there any ebay usb tool that programs NATS keys?

    Does anyone know if there's an ebay USB type tool that can reprogram NATS keys to a micra?
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    Spare key for a late K12 micra

    Does the late micra have any way to program a spare key other then a dealer or specialist? I've read all the off/on 6 times, and also found it doesn't seem to work for later cars. Is there a different trick to them or is it a special job only?
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    How many security codes are there for the micra K12?

    Hi, I recently bought a micra that has no book or codes in it. How many codes are usually supplied with the micra, like radio, key, immobiliser etc?