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    Car Mechanics Mag nov 09 (K11)

    Just thought you would like to know there is an artical in CM this month . 4 page buying guide for the micra K11 with some handy info in it That is all.
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    Impul importing

    been looking around and it seem impul do a lot of tuning stuff for nissan's I was looking at the the compressor kit (supercharger) and the enlarged tb problem is theres no uk or eu importers, I found the US impul site but thats dead anyone on the site got any impul parts ?? Is impul...
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    Hi all, not a micra but close

    Just joined up and i'm...................... Just waiting for delivery of my new nissan note, a bit homeless forum wise at the mo, signed up to another nissan forum but thats a bit dead. as the note shares a few bits and pieces with the micra K12 i thought i would join. lots of plans...