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  1. .Maarten

    New engine applaying

    The spitfire Rolls Royce Merlin V12. Around 700hp
  2. .Maarten

    1.3 engine tuning

    Depends on how far you want to take it. 2-5k is easily reached. And just camming will be cheaper. Most likely 1k or so. But also alot lower gains as its a small engine and not a big V8. Supercharging is also not that expensive. But 2-3k is easily reached if you cant weld yourself.
  3. .Maarten

    New engine applaying

  4. .Maarten

    1.3 engine tuning

    Forged pistons and rods, cams, bigger valves, stronger valve springs, turbo, stand alone ecu. Prolly going to cost a few k but it will be alot quicker then.
  5. .Maarten

    Removing Intake manifold and throttle body?

    And im not sure but there might be some bolts that needed to be undone from the bottom. Watch out for the throttle cable (So that it doesnt lose the adjustment) Carefully remove the vacuum hoses from the back as it sometimes happens that you pull off the plugs. And like Ihtisham said. Replace...
  6. .Maarten

    Low mileage K11 starting and running problems

    I’d also check all the vacuum hoses
  7. .Maarten

    Gear lever return spring

    sometimes its still there. Just check it. Else you can buy something like this:
  8. .Maarten

    Gear lever return spring

    Underneath. the k10 spring is too short. You can get a set with different springs on ebay for a few quid. Those have one that fit. But if you still have the spring hanging on by 1 side you can just bent a new tab on it and refit it.
  9. .Maarten

    Mystery picture

    Looks like a gearbox breather
  10. .Maarten

    K11 eps fault

    Im not sure if the k11 is different there but here in Europe and UK they dont have electronic power steering. Id start with checking suspension. Mine pulled to the right because of a very worn tyre (1mm vs 6mm on the other tyres) due to a worn out shock.
  11. .Maarten

    Won't start. Anything else I can do before I scrap it?

    No they dont have a battery inside.
  12. .Maarten

    8 bar of pressure on 3 cylinders

    Yep open the throttlebody. Else it cant suck in the air to create the pressure.
  13. .Maarten


    It can but if a pump cant supply the pressure you most likely also notice it when driving. So not likely. If i remember correctly i also dont hear the pump running when i turn the key on on my second facelift.
  14. .Maarten

    High Idle that resets after ignition off/on. CG10DE Pre FL 1994.

    No you need to check it between pin 1 and 3. You should be able to turn the sensor a bit as the screw holes are slotted to adjust it. So just unscrew both screws a little bit and turn the sensor till you measure proper voltage.
  15. .Maarten

    Hello: new member

    Powersteering was optional on them so parts are easy to find on scrapyards. Just alot of work to fit.
  16. .Maarten

    High Idle that resets after ignition off/on. CG10DE Pre FL 1994.

    Its replaceable with the TB on the car but needs calibrating. This can be done with a simple multimeter. It needs to be 0.5v when closed. This if for the coilpack engine but shouldnt differ much.
  17. .Maarten


    Most of the time its a bad lmm or o2 sensor.