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  1. Speedle

    K10 Wanted

    Stories of my demise are in fact untrue. I'm still alive (those who even remember me) ;) Anyways, I'm looking for a k10 for a project car. Seems they are a bit thin on the ground these days! Ideally I want a Super S, but all types considered. Don't care if the engines gone as that's a 4 hour...
  2. Speedle

    FOR SALE! Honda Prelude 2.0 Gen 4 FSH

    Hi all thought i'd post this up incase anyone was interested, its an absolutly lovely car can needs to go to make way for my next car; Tax July 12 Months MOT 2.0 F20a4 Auto 138k on the clock Full Service History (Mountains of receipts!) Recent Cambel New Radiator All ARB bushes replaced New...
  3. Speedle

    52mm Dials, and other k10 bits

    ok dudes having another clear out some bits for grabs; 52mm dials, rev counter (chnages about 6 differnet colours) TIM volt meter (can you guess what that does? :p) SOLD! TIM Amp Gauge SOLD! Dials all come with a TIM mounting pod worth £10 RRP All £10 each plus £5 postage Orginal...
  4. Speedle

    Brand new 1.0 super decals

    I bought these ages ago brand new from Nissan and they cost me a fortune £13 each!!! I've got both boot decals one with Nissan Micra and the other with 1.0 Super ideal for a super owner who needs new sticker on the boot to tidy up their car £20 posted so i can make at least a little back...
  5. Speedle

    K10 Bits for sale

    K10 MA12ecc large port head MA12 ECC head Large port one, fits all ma-series engines in VGC from a 60k car. ideal for performance setups and k10's with inlet and exhaust madifications £50 collected needs to go!
  6. Speedle

    Now a Biker

    Hey all some of you may recall me a saying a while back i was looking into doing my motorbike test, well as of tuesday im now a fully licenced biker passing my test with No Minors (how chuffed was I!) so saturday im heading up to Suzuki to buy my first bike. after much thought ive gone for the...
  7. Speedle

    Banded Wheels are legal!

    took this from the retro rides website regarding banded steel wheels which some of you may consider fitting. below from retro rides; Some of you may recall that, in the midst of a banded wheels thread, I e-mailed VOSA for their view on the practice. The question I asked was: I have a...
  8. Speedle

    Carb Tuning around the hampshire area

    Hi Peeps I need to get the webbers on the micra tuned and jetted correctly can anyone recommend somewhere that might do this for me? I'm after some recommendations of places you might have been to, and also anywhere I should avoid. I'm from fareham but happy to travel about 30 miles to...
  9. Speedle

    Rare Haselback K10 for Sale

    Due to a situation out of my control i have to sell the car, PLEASE PLEASE PLASE do not make me explain! I dont WANT to sell the car i HAVE to :( anyway most of you know the car which i have painstakenly spent thousands of pounds on replacing imporving and geenrally loving. ill keep this...
  10. Speedle

    MR2 SW20 Rev 3 for sale £2250

    posted this on my mr2 owners club but though id share it with you guys in case someone wanted a real car ;) well ive thought about selling in the past but now ill be looking to buy a motorbike in January so it really HAS to go! The Car UK Spec Rev 3 with 90k on the clock FSH (Mostly...
  11. Speedle

    Nissan Part numbers needed (James!)

    James i know you have the part number thingy for nissan bits can you give me the part numbers for the rear boot decals for k10? i need the nissan micra sticker and a 1.0 super sticker please :) thanks
  12. Speedle

    K10 interior bits needed! HELP!!!!!

    guys i need your help i cant find these bits for love nor money at the mo. i need the top part of these door handles both left and right hand side in grey from my gsx interior, alos i need the six round covers that hide the screws, heres a pic so you see what i mean. if anyone can get me...
  13. Speedle

    random problem

    been having a realy irritating problem with the indicators lately. basically they flash on off for a while then just randomly stay on and dont flash, turning the ignition on and off seems to get them going again but its a pain. im thinking the relay is getting jammed/stuck whatcha think?
  14. Speedle

    K10 Super S Spoiler

    Complete with all fixings and rubber seal, currently painted in Gold (standard K10 colour) £30 delivered. here is a picture of the same type of spoiler but in white on Pauls old car, im sure youve all seen them before!
  15. Speedle

    custom exhausts

    hi guys does anyone know any good custom zorst places around pompey/southampton area? or perhaps something near burgess hill (brighton) i need to get one for the k10 and id rather not go to powerflow i went to last time thanks
  16. Speedle

    Problem with the Twin-Carbs

    hey guys need some input from those who know about these sort of things basically the carbs are acting a bit odd lately today when i was driving to work all seemed fine choke was out slighty and i noticed the car flat spotteing a tad as i slowed down i noticed the car was revving like i had my...
  17. Speedle

    K10 stuff for sale (Sunny Carb Setup)

    Hi Guys i'll no doubt add to this later but for now here's what i have; Sunny N13 Carb on k10 inlet manifold with K&N Air Filter (made a noticable improvment to power on my MA10) Also the auto choke still works with the k10 plug it in and go, in full working order carb is in very good...
  18. Speedle

    Figaro rubish on ebay

    now i dont know about you lot but i find the overpriced spares for the figaro on ebay and in gereral a real false economy; example...
  19. Speedle

    Ebay K10's, nice ones too!!!

    some fine examples on the Bay at the mo, this one looks like a cracker if you can look past the brown interior; this ones had the sill welded but otherwise looks very...
  20. Speedle

    Personal plate for the k10

    guys i need some help! i want to get a special plate for the 10 but it needs to meet these Criteria; nothing above f reg cost no more than £250 ive looked at ones with JAP in the plate, MSC etc etc but i wondered if someone could give me some bettrer options? :) or ideas? the old girl...