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  1. Anto Modded

    Manifold options

    Been ages since i was on here or had a micra, but i got little 1.0l for a run around. Anyone know where is best to get a manifold and is there any other options to a janspeed out there. i aim on getting a ashley catback for it also as i had one before and it was great
  2. Anto Modded

    Info needed

    Anyone ever come across one of these. What engine is in it. is it a jap engine
  3. Anto Modded

    2002 k11 1.4 ?

    Seen a 2002 k11 with 50k miles on it for sale. Over the years ive had the 1.0l and 1.3l which were bulletproof and really take any punishment you throw at them. Just wondering what is the 1.4 like, i was thinking it would be nice with a set of cams and a full exhaust system, but thought id check...
  4. Anto Modded

    773 Cams in a 1.0l

    I got a 01 1.0l micra with 33k miles on it. its mint and i was wondering if i decated it , manifold etc and added 773 cams and posibly a lightened flywheel woul it make much difference on a 1.0l............probly a sin to mess around with such a clean little car. I dont want a 1.3 as its 340...
  5. Anto Modded

    1.0l or 1.3l

    Been a while since ive be on the forum, Have a van now and a trailer but i want a micra again for fun and messing around with. Ive had a 1.0l and ive had a 1.3l............................... Im not sure on what to go for this time, i want to do a few trackdays, i was thinking of a 1.0l again...
  6. Anto Modded

    Been a while, time to go again

    Been a while since i had a micra ( 2yrs or more) and i regret selling it. Im on the look for anothe k11 facelift one. Thing is do i go 1.3 or 1.4........... which is best for engine mods. I notice 1.4 is the newer facelift again. Couldnt fault the 1.3 i had
  7. Anto Modded

    IMPUL nissan march

    1.5engine genuine impul model Seen this on another site, guy wondering if anyone would be interested in it. did they come in a 1.5 ?
  8. Anto Modded

    Rota Rb alloys...........

    Thinking of a set of these alloys. They come in 13'' upwards. Ive a facelift shape k11 that comes with 14 steelies. What would be the best size alloy and ture to suit. Going to get the rims sprayed all black. Thought 13'' might be best suited as im going to lower the car also
  9. Anto Modded

    Does this look like a genuine super s or sr

    found this car advertised, just says 1.3, 50k miles, lady owner and there is no pic of the rear. Could it be a genuine sr / super s
  10. Anto Modded

    Photo wanted

    Im looking for a photo of a black facelift micra with the headlights tinted and the grill sprayed black if anyone has one done
  11. Anto Modded

    Unusual Styled Micra
  12. Anto Modded

    1.0l question

    Seen as i cant find a 1.3 k11, ive come across a 2000 k11 with 37k miles, one owner. Car is like new and would be a sin to pull the engine out. Just curious as to if i put throttle bodies on it and cams, lightened flywheel, manifold and cat back system would it make much of a difference at all...
  13. Anto Modded

    micra with 240bhp

    Found this on a for sale sign, thought someone might know it or be interested
  14. Anto Modded

    micra + 1.4 almera engine

    I want to put a 1.4 almera in a micra as the 1.4 is easily got. This is just for track use. Would it fit and bolt to the 1.0l gearbox and ecu or even switch ecu's. Would there be any major changes needed. Also would i be best going for a facelift k11 so i would keep powerstering. I know the 1.4...
  15. Anto Modded

    Terrible Mpg

    My 1999 1.0l K11 has 17k miles. I gave it full service, everything is right but fuel consumption is terrible. Ive parked it up and dont plan on driving it soon. Im getting 23 - 25 mpg from it. Surely something has to be wrong. I know they are rated at 47mpg so i thought maybe 39 - 40 mpg would...
  16. Anto Modded

    jap Super S / Uk Super S

    Is there any difference between a Jap supers and a uk. I think the drive shafts are different, but what about the gearbox and other parts. Dont want to get a jap super s if parts are hard to get
  17. Anto Modded

    Service time...... whats best

    Time to service my 1.0l. Just wondering would it be worth putting Splitfire Twin Core Ignition Leads and better plugs such as Denso Iridium Tough Spark Plugs or Denso Power Pack Spark Plugs. They say the improve acceleration and fuel consumption, anyone know if its true ? Also whats best in a...
  18. Anto Modded

    Throttle Bodies on a 1.0l

    Would throttle bodies on a 1.0l make any difference. Came accross a guy making throttle body conversions & custom inlet manifolds.This is what he said and also sent a pic of a micra throttle body too........ ''Once I have a manifold gasket I can cnc machine a manifold face to suit your...
  19. Anto Modded

    1.6- What year cars best suited

    Been reading threads like mad on this on the site. From my reading it suggest a pre-1994 k11 is best as it doesnt have nats and a pre-1994 1.6 engine. Is this right. Would an engine from a 1994 primera do or is there a specific 1.6 that is best suited. I want to get a cheap k11 and a 1.6 soon...
  20. Anto Modded

    Engine Conversion

    looking at all things, i can get a 1996 micra for nearly nothing. I am thinking about doing a conversion seems as i have time on my hands. Just wondered what engine is easiest, 1.6 or 2.0 and if so from which year/model cause i notice some 1.6 primeras range from 88bhp to 150bhp. I would plan on...