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  1. Robbie 733

    K11 rear axle with disc brakes

    As title, if anyone knows where I can locate a rear axle with calipers, please let me know. Ta.
  2. Robbie 733

    K11 Speedo with rev counter

    Hi, I'm looking for a set of instruments with the electronic Rev Counter for my 1998 facelift K11. Mileage immaterial. Thanks, Me
  3. Robbie 733

    IOM 2018 ......

    Hi chaps, anyone on the IOM know how I can get hold of the Steam-Racket Line as they are not answering their phones on what should be the first day of ticket sales for the TT next year ? If you have any cunning ideas please text me on 07770 626634 thanks
  4. Robbie 733

    Electronic Speedo Sender Unit

    Hey up, anyone breaking a K11 with a working speedo sender unit for an electronic dash ? Thanks, Robbie.
  5. Robbie 733

    2nd FL front wing(s) in Maroon

    I need an excellent condition Near Side front wing for a 1998 K11. And if you have a perfect Driver's Side one as well, the paint is peeling off mine .... Thanks,
  6. Robbie 733

    Rear windscreen wiper motor

    Anyone got a rear wiper motor sitting around for a S reg (98) Facelift Micra ? Ta.
  7. Robbie 733

    Internal rear brake light

    Hello, I'm after the internal rear brake light unit, that bolts onto the rear hatch back, at the bottom of the rear window. Ta.
  8. Robbie 733

    Micra does the 'Ring

    Fist trip in the Baby Datsun, excellent fun, if a tad scary in the snow on Saturday. Much better in the sunshine on Sunday ! However with only 83 1/2 BHP the long treck up the hill seemed painfully slow, especially after all the numpties I'd passed on the down hill sections, just breezed past me...
  9. Robbie 733

    Heated rear window switch bulbs ??

    Does any one know where I can get a replacement illumination bulb for my heated rear window switch ? I've taken the bulb out, it's approx 7 - 8 mm in diameter at the base, and blue in colour ?? I can't make out any part number on it, so looking it up on the interweb is proving a tad difficult...
  10. Robbie 733

    Project Micra :-)

    After nearly 4 years of ownership, 3 1/2 of which were spent chained to the fence at my work ..... Project Micra has finally hit the road (Y) Nothing too radical, as might have to be driven home from the pub by an errant teenager ! But after a couple of days bombing around the...
  11. Robbie 733

    Rear wheel studs

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get 8 x 5 mm longer wheel studs than the standard items. Just fitted new wheels (complete with spacers) and no longer have any thread showing past the nut. I've done a quick search online, but have no idea of the original thread diameter or pitch ? Ta(Y)