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  1. Jordan27

    Maiko the Road Rally Car

    Okaaaay so the road rally car is finally complete! Complete meaning "fit to rally"... No rally car is ever complete! This isn't strictly in the order of completion but just using whatever photos I took at the time. It's been a busy 3 months building the car on the drive in the winter weather...
  2. Jordan27

    Any musicians about here?

    Anyone play any instruments? Been playing guitar for quite a few years now, just curious to any other musically minded folk here :p
  3. Jordan27

    EML Flashing while braking...

    Following yesterday's test in the rally car, the EML was flickering throughout the day and the car would hold back for half of a second of so every now and then. Having watched back the video I can now see that the light is flashing under braking... Which is strange. You can see for yourself...
  4. Jordan27

    Custom cat back with Janspeed Backbox

    Ok so I've got a custom/bodged straight through cat back in my garage. The backbox has things rattling around in it which I guess is going to mean it's loud as balls. I'd rather not put this on my car, I'm not one for a loud road car! The backbox has been welded and doesn't have a flange on...
  5. Jordan27

    South Wales Members

    Any South Wales members here? We need to get some meets going! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Jordan27

    Jap Size Plate on Standard Micra Boot PHOTOS PLEASE

    Any guys got photos of their jap sized plates on a standard boot(micra boot handle)? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Jordan27

    Clutch Release Bearing Clips

    Just wondering if anyone has any clutch release bearing clips that hold the bearing to the fork? Or where can I get some? Thank you, Jordan
  8. Jordan27

    South Wales Members

    Anyone out there? Specifically the guys that are in college with me :D Just thought I'd try find some new South Wales members.... :)
  9. Jordan27

    Ignition Timing

    Just wondering what is the most you can advance your ignition timing before everything goes backwards? Not planning on doing so, but just a thought that's been lingering. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Jordan27

    De-bump strip marks! Help!

    Been meaning to ask since I took the strips off the side, but does anyone have outlines left behind from where they were? I can't get rid of them and need to know how to if anyone else has done it! Thank you, Jordan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Jordan27

    Exhaust Replacement time...

    Hello guys. It seems that my downpipe has snapped just before the second cat on my 1.0l and the rattling and blowing is starting to annoy me, not to mention that my MOT is soon! Anyways, I'm going to need to replace the downpipe, and it just happens that I have a spare Peter Lloyd downpipe from...
  12. Jordan27

    Almera Airbox

    Thinking of popping over to the scrappers tomorrow as I spotted an Almera last time. Want to get the airbox off it but I'm unsure of how much it should cost me and I don't want to be ripped off. How much should I expect to be charged for it? And what sort of increases can be achieved(with...
  13. Jordan27

    Vented Disks HELP

    Hey guys, looking to convert to vented disks on the rally car. What year and model Almera calipers should I be looking for?
  14. Jordan27

    Removing door strip glue!

    Hey guys, first post here! I'm needing help on removing the foamy glue that is left behind after removing the door strips. I've searched this forum and tried several things, wd40, heat gun, acetone(nail varnish remover, pretty good at removing tyre marks) petrol, and some solvent cleaner that...