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  1. jonnygt

    F/S: Nissan alloys, ideal run-abouts?? Track wheels? Winters?

    Item: Nissan alloys, ideal run-abouts?? Track wheels? Winters? Location: Sunderland Condition: Used, but good Reason for selling: Not needed Price: sold Got these as part of a deal from my other alloys i sold, but im getting some Panasports instead so these will not be needed. All good mixed...
  2. jonnygt

    K11 boss kit

    In need of a k11 boss kit including all bolts for the wheel aswell. Cheers
  3. jonnygt

    Pre-facelift passenger side wing

    Need one asap! Not bothered what colour long as its dint and rust free. Itll be getting painted soon with my other bits and bobs. Thanks
  4. jonnygt

    Jdm parts!!!

    Hi has anyone got a dash pod? Cup holders? Arm rest? Also wouldnt mind the tinted front lights in black, think they are called 'depo' or something lile that? And the bubble rear lights? Not the led ones? Thanks
  5. jonnygt

    F/S: 13x7 starmags , 4x100, et6 with yoko rubber!!

  6. jonnygt

    Micra k11 centre bore size?

    Just wanting to know what the centre bore size is on my micra k11. Just want to know incase i get new wheels soon just so i know they fit and stuff Thanks for the help
  7. jonnygt

    Temp guage goes in the red

    Hello all My micras temp guage goes in the red within 5 mins of starting up. The lad i got it off said the temp sensor or the therostat is knackered or could he be pulling my leg? What else could it be? I dont think itll be the head gasket as there is no 'yellow gunk' under the oil cap at all...
  8. jonnygt

    Micra SR k11

    Hi, picked this up the other day, swopped it for a mk3 golf i had. Not a bad deal needs a fair but work tho. Needs the sills doing, rear arches and 2 front wings. Its only got 70k on which is not bad for its age, and service history with stamls upto 50k. The temp guage goes to red...
  9. jonnygt

    March boot decal

    Hi does anybody have the part number for the march decal for the bootlid on the k11? If not, or the price is really high, ill just get one made up somewhere if i can find a decent picture of one. Thanks
  10. jonnygt

    Cams....need aftermarket ones!

    Hi, just wondering what cams are available to buy for the 1.3 engines... I usedto have nismo cams in my Si i had before, and wrote it off :( but i didnt keep them, stupid!! I have no clue, which makes are to buy and where to buy?? Any help? Cheers