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  1. stonesie

    K10 Super S dials For Sale.... pre ebay

    Dunno what to say about it other than i have never fitted it to my car and the cars now been stolen and written off... it reads 77800 miles and all the copper tracks in the back are intact, all bulbs work too..... I payed £35 + postage so thats what i am after note the small crack...
  2. stonesie

    telemarketer wind-up :laugh: enjoy:laugh:
  3. stonesie

    MA10 turbo?

    Tonight 1 of my mates offered me a turbo which he believes to me a GT25 or very simmilar, i know Renault5 GTT carbs and recon kits sell for peanuts on fleabay and that the engine has a standard compression of about 9:1. I know there will be more to it than that, mainly the exhaust system...
  4. stonesie

    Ideal K10 MA10 oil?

    I will be diong a full service on the micra on saturday, Air, Oil and fuel filters and plugs, and since it has developed a slight misfire when its damp the leads, rotor arm and dizzy cap will be done too So i am hopeing you will say that GM (vauxhall branded) 10W 40 semi-synthetic oil will...
  5. stonesie

    cars thread

    Ok so whats your automotive history? This has probably been done before though. To get it started mine is........ K11 micra 1.0 16v 1993 pug 205 1.1 1991 ford KA 1999 vauxhall nova 1.4.. converted it to 1.6 GT/E 1990 rover metro 1.1 1991 renault clio 1.4RT 1997 VW scirocco GT2 1992...
  6. stonesie

    interior mods

    OK the ''interesting'' shade of brown that is my interior is starting to loose is's novalty value, is there any kind of paint that stays slightly flexible that i can use on the doorcards? acrylic? or i think theres a K10 with a grey interior in a local scrapper... how much should i be looking...
  7. stonesie

    gearbox recon

    The box on my car is makeing a whineing noise on acceleration in every 1 of its 4 gears that varies with engine revs, so most likley the input shaft bearings..... is this a DIY-able job? i have found another 4 speed box in the local scrapper with 55k on it for £40 or £50 if they remove it...
  8. stonesie

    hello all

    think i am going mad....... couldnt find my other thread O.o
  9. stonesie

    hello another newbie

    Hi i am matt from Doncaster, thought i would sign up as i have just bought a K10 1.0 with 59K on it :slm: looking forward to having a good look round and enjoying this little car, it has already suprised me by returning 130 miles to a tenner :k10: (Y)