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  1. Happy Chap

    Fog lights for under a tenner! 9.99 actually I think for 1998 - 2000 Enjoy
  2. Happy Chap

    Squealing! power steering idler pulley the problem, how to fix?

    I have had this noise for quite a while and no it is not belt tension as numerous people have told me, at a recent MOT the guy showed me the idler pulley was not rotating hence the awful sound. It only happens on initial start up and then stops when normal driving. I have lived with this, the...
  3. Happy Chap

    Front wheel bearing and brake problem, help please

    Hi guys I had four new tyres fitted and asked for the wheel alignment to be checked, unfortunately the drivers side wheel bearing is shot so unable to align, passenger side fine. I am looking at replacing with s/h part have a 2001 1.0 hub on ebay for 15.00, will that fit my 1.3 june 1998 car? I...
  4. Happy Chap

    LPG Conversion

    Hi Guys thinking about converting to lpg and spotted this on fleabay currently £200 no bids and just round the corner and found the...
  5. Happy Chap

    Rear Brake Drums

    Hi everyone have been trying to give my 98 gx 1.3 85k a complete service all fluids underseal etc whilst I was changing brake fluid took off the drums and shoes needed changing. I noted that removing the hub is preferred method but don't have that socket nor access to breaker bar. So 4 hours...
  6. Happy Chap

    How do I Fit DAB aerial to facelift?

    Hi just bought JVC KD-DB42 DAB HU and although they give a stick on windscreen DAB aerial I dont really want to fit it as it might attract unwanted attention plus not sure about reception as only rated 3 * reception, plus rubber mount on my rear aerial is not in very good condition. So I am...
  7. Happy Chap

    rear brake bias compensator valve after lowering for facelift models

    Hi I read the guide re this topic but assume it is for pre-facelift models, do I need to adjust anything for a facelift? I have issues with mpg and thought it might be rear brakes binding amongst other things which I am addressing. Thanx for any ideas
  8. Happy Chap

    1.6 Injectors

    Injectors from my old Sunny SR GA16DE 25.00 posted. If you want picture please give me your email Thanx