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  1. A FRANK

    turbo engine

    hello everyone im thinking of doing an engine conversion on my k11 super s.want to put a turbo engine in there. could anyone tel me which would be the easiest also the most realible turbo engine to put it? thanks
  2. A FRANK

    Nissan micra super s.

    hello I'm looking for a Nissan micra super s. if anyone has one or knows of someone willing to sell one in any condition I am willing to pay good money thanks..
  3. A FRANK

    k20 in micra

    hello all I was really wanting to build a k11 supers or sr with a engine swap . is this something anyone could help with .. would love a sr20det if possible or a Honda k20 or any vtec engine? whats possible .whos the best at engine swaps thanks