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  1. cm_3594

    Front light clusters

    Hi all On my stock front light clusters there is a sort off condensation residue on in the inside of the light and I was wondering if I'm able to take take the cluster apart to give it clean or do I have to buy new clusters. What would I have to do get the lights out aswell if need be...
  2. cm_3594

    Xbox 360 game

    Hi all Does any one now if there are any racing games out there that has the k12 micra in it and if you are able to modifiy it as in performance and look. It would be for the Xbox 360
  3. cm_3594

    K12 squeaky drivers window

    Hi all I have trolled this forum and i wasn't able to find this question. To the point on my k12 the drivers side wind squeaks when I open it and it's such an ear hurting noise And the problem is that the window drags the seal down so it's rubbing the rubber in stead of the fabric feeling...