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    Micra 1l turbo build

    Right guys the time is here to start and talk turbo! I'm picking up most of my parts tomorrow - Turbo Flanges 1.5 injectors and fuel rail Intercooler Few intercooler pipes Fuel pump My friend who will be doing the build has done a few turbo conversion builds so should be more than capable...
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    First show

    Well it has been a mad week for me to get my micra ready for yms but was well happy with how the car came together also peoples reactions :) roll on jap fest 2!!!!!
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    Hey from sunny Scarborough

    Hey I'm new to all this as the micra I have just got is my first car. Me and my mate kean will prob both end up posting on here as kean has built a lot of high spec cars and helping me with my build (Currently running 418 bhp s13 300bhp scooby and a mx5 drift slag.) I'm from Scarborough just...