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  1. Immy

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Serviced Toady the k12 ntec diesel! oil oil filter air filter pollen filter I always have to fight the oil filter, i always hand tighten yet it's flippin solid when i try to take it off! Very limited access, so i go in from above after removing air intake pipe and a breather pipe. This then...
  2. Immy

    Oil change, how often

    look at it this way, oil and filters are cheap, engine internals such as timing chains etc are not. Make what you want of it, There really isn't a right or wrong answer. I'm just boring so like to play it as safe as i can.
  3. Immy

    Oil change, how often

    Do remember oil does also tend to degrade and start to lose it's lubricating properties over time. My 2010 k12 does less than 2000 miles a year as i have other cars, however i still give it a oil and filter service every 12 months to keep it mint.
  4. Immy

    EPS Power steering column, what ACTUALLY goes wrong?

    @ huttojb each to their own however after reading through the threads i 100% agree with you. You are doing a fantastic job and keeping cars on the road without compromising anyone's safety. My 2010 k12 touch wood is doing mighty fine however it would be nice to have your contact details if i or...
  5. Immy

    Engine Hiccups

    Scare it or get it to hold it's breath, generally sorts out hiccups ! Is it more of an engine misfire? I'd check plugs and leads.
  6. Immy

    Sat nav wiring

    well done folks !!
  7. Immy

    Finally Found my N-Tec

    Hi David, No my usb has not played up yet, you could try giving the port a blast with electrical contact cleaner or wet a cotton bud with isopropyl alcohol and insert it into the USB port to clean out dust and any sticky mess. Wipe all around the inside of the port, including on the contacts
  8. Immy

    Finally Found my N-Tec

    enjoy !
  9. Immy

    1.2 oil filter, pain of a place

    mazda 2 petrol oil filter change is amazingly easy. Oil filter is pointing down right next to the sump with acres of space around it.
  10. Immy

    1.2 oil filter, pain of a place

    You want to have a go at the puredrive dci oil filter! It's in the most awkward place, easy if you have the hands of a five year old which i clearly don't
  11. Immy

    Key fob trouble

    open the fob, remove the battery and give the inside a generous spray with electrical contact cleaner. leave for 5 minutes or so, assemble and try!
  12. Immy

    Rumbling, rattle on rough road

    i had a creak when slowly reversing, passed mot no advisories. Six months later spring gave way, replaced and no more squeak squeak when slowly reversing. Failing springs are not always obvious / easy to diagnose.
  13. Immy

    Connect1 and rear view camera.

    David, i shall be eagerly watching your progress. Please do take many photos if you manage to pull it off :p
  14. Immy

    Engine management light

    I'm not saying you have the same issue, I used to have a Honda civic ep4, 1.7 ctdi Isuzu engine, at around 170,000 miles it started to hit limp mode once warmed up, revs would be limited to 2500 regardless of gear etc. Cut a long story short, the turbo vanes and actuator were coked up with...
  15. Immy

    Confused by newer K12 Models

    Spot on Max :p
  16. Immy

    Confused by newer K12 Models

    close to 80k, i also have a BMW 320d and have access to the wife's Honda Crv.
  17. Immy

    Confused by newer K12 Models

    I didn't have to format my usb stick for music playback. Bluetooth is indeed for hands free calls, you can also play music from your phone via Bluetooth! Yes there is only one usb port and one aux port. I have had zero issues with the clutch / gearbox however i service my car myself. I have...
  18. Immy

    Most common K12 front bushing failure?

    anti roll bar bushes aka sway bar bushes!
  19. Immy

    Confused by newer K12 Models

    What's the point of having a flippin dpf on it then, agreed the world is going bonkers. Well i don't travel much to London and when i do have to it will be the train. No hassle of driving through the super duper congested roads and paying an arm and a leg for parking.