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    Ple help: K11 1.0 auto (2000) = jammed ignition barrell

    Hi guys, My trusty little Micra has an issue with the ignition barrell. I believe its the barrell as both keys present the same problem. If you look at the pic below, you will see letters etched on the barrell. If I take the key out at point S, when I put it back in, it simply won't turn at...
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    Biggest size battery in a K11?

    Does anybody know what is the biggest size battery that will fit into the tray of a K11? I'm at work, and car is miles away so cannot measure etc. and I was having a look at some batts, want to upgrade the standard, tiny battery on the car. Also, what is the standard battery in terms of...
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    K11 Interior Light Assembly

    As above, the light that sits on the roof lining. I may be able to patch mine up, but if I can't I'll need a new one. I will what is inside the assembly too. Anybody has one going + price pls?
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    Nissan Micra LX '92 45k miles (tax+test) £450?

    Sold :)
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    Will floor mats from a K12 fit a K11?

    Anybody know if the fit would be roughly the same? :)
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    How easy is it to clock a Micra?

    I have spent the evening looking at a load of Micra K11s on eBay and AutoTrader today. There are plenty of 1999, 2000 and 2001 Micras with under 40,000 and some as low as 20-something thousand miles on the clock. For a car that is 10 years old, that is very low miles. Some 10 year old...
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    MPG: K11 1.0 vs. K11 1.3 ?

    As some of you may know, at the moment, I have a K10 1.0 auto. I plan to keep the car for another 6 months or so and then, money permitting, would like to upgrade to a K11. The question I have is whether I should go for a 1.0 litre or a 1.3. It will have to be an auto as it will be driven by...
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    Melted plug on driver's side headlamp connector

    A couple of days ago I noticed that my driver's side main beam wasn't working. I popped the bonnet and had a look and after wiggling the connector, the main beam switched on. After I let go, it switched off. I had a closer look at and it looks like the connector has melted, as per pic below...
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    Decent engine oil for K10 1.0?

    I last changed the engine oil and filter about a year ago. Garage did it, so not quite sure what they poured in. I would like to do an oil change myself this week, so just wondering what sort of oil I need? At a guess 10w - 40 semi synthetic, am I right? I don't need anything fancy. The 10w -...
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    Recommended coolant for 1.0 K10?

    Since I am doing the cambelt, I will also change the water pump. Ed from Fusion says its a good idea, so whom am I to argue :D I will obviously need some coolant / antifreeze once the pump is changed. Is there anything in particular I need or can I just bung in some long life coolant from...
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    K10 1.0 auto - water pump - which one?

    After chatting to the very helpful Ed, I may as well get the water pumop done at the same time as the cambelt. Ed tells me that because mine is the last of the line K10s (1992 rge date, J reg), the water pump will be different than the earlier K10s. I have had a quick look on eBay and found...
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    K10 1.0 auto timing belt change...full kit or just belt?

    Just spoke with motor factor. I asked them to quote me on a quality timing belt. Chap comes back and says "in my experience mate you need to buy the whole kit, which includes the tensioner and also I'd buy a water pump, 'cos when you're doing the timing belt, you are going to disturb the...
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    Where can I get engine mounts for a 1.0 K10 auto?

    The rear engine mount has disintegrated more or less so I'd like to get a replacement. I have contacted Unipart as well as a local motor factor and nobody has anything! I am yet to contact Nissan, who will likely want £1,000,000 :D for a rear engine mount, so are there any places you guys...
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    Anybody breaking a K10 Micra?

    I am after a pair of strips for the driver / passenger door window that lie flat across the window of the outside of the car to stope water, coathangers etc. going down the side of the window. Anybody have a pair that are in good condition they will sell me? :) It is the bit of rubber...
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    K11 Micra service parts / costs etc.

    Hopefully will be getting a K11 over the w/end. Soon as I have it, I plan to do a service as I have no idea what he previous owner did / did not do to it. So I have some questions. 1. What engine oil is recommended for a boggo standard 1998 1.0 GX? 2. What spark plugs are recommended? 3. I...
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    K11 Brakes

    I think fronts are discs on the 1999 K11 are rears drums? A car that has covered, say 40,000 miles from new, how often should you change discs / pads and drums. Lets assume the car has not had a very harsh life, just used to potter about to shops etc.
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    Found potential Micra, but there is a problem

    Some of you may know this, other smay not, but VOSA have a computerised database which the public can access. It will bring up the past MOTs for that car, as long as you have: (a) Reg (b) MOT test number from the latest MOT test certificate VOSA link here...
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    New member: looking to buy a Micra, what should I look for?

    Hello chaps :D I am on here as I would like to buy an AUTO K11 MICRA :D (Y) This is a great resource and I'd like to ask some questions please ;) 1. Is there anything in specific I should look out for on these cars eg. anything they are famously known for having as an issue, when buying? 2...