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    cracked wing mirror reply for zeeww

    hi zeeww thought i'd make a new thread here to keep things relevent after I removed all the screws the mirror mechanism is held together by the 3 adjustment cables and a spring in the mirror base mount tensions em. the cables are like the V-brake cables on a bicycle, an inner cable in...
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    torque angle gauge vs protractor?

    hey i saw that a torque angle gauge in halfords costs round £20ish and tis abit steep. in haynes it says to torque a bolt upto the stated amount with a torque wrench before angle torque it a further 45degrees. i wonder would it be ok to just torque wrench it upto ###nm then turn the wrench...
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    cylinder head prob

    hey Im currently restoring my 1998 micra 1.3 SLX 91k miles and since i got it last year it sometimes misfires in cylinder 4 and exhaust smokes little more whiter than usual only once it warms ups. i suspected it could've been a leakin gasket so tday i've just taken off the head and found...
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    replace micra front shock with peugeot 307?

    hey my micra's front right shock may require replacing cos when i push on that corner it bounces twice whereas the other shocks only bounce once as theyre suppose to. i know ur suppose to replace both shocks simultaneously and'll cost arm n leg. but i was curious when i remember that my...
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    fill or weld rusty front member?

    hi i have a 1998 K11 SLX 91k miles and upon givin a good cleanup i found some rusty holes in the front member which concerns me. the cars left hand is minor but the right hand side worries me could i just sand off the rust until bare metal and fill er, or should i invest...
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    sooty engine

    hey i was inspecting me engine and noticed it's fairly sooty from the intake manifolds, pistons and all the spark plugs. (it's 8yrs old) sometimes from cold starts i noticed it misfires initially when i hold the rev for few secs (like as though 1 cylinder is skippin) but runs ok after...
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    chipped windscreen

    hi i brought a micra off me sister to overhaul and noticed it has a stone chipped windscreen on top right drivers side. probly fill it soon but m8 mentioned a large chip could fail MOT. how much r the windscreens if it needs replacin?
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    k11 rear disc calliper disassembly?

    hi can ya help me. my rear left calliper is seized and the handbrake mechanism doesn't work (other calliper's ok) so i tried to take apart the calliper but i have a problem. with the piston out the manual says you remove the circlip with circlip pliers inside the calliper but access is...