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    Imported car tax band

    Looking at an import down the road from my house. It's an S reg however it was imported in February 2014. Will it be on the old (more leanient) tax band or the newer one (~£280+ a year vs £230)? Emissions isn't appearing on a DVLA check so I presume it'll be the cheaper band?
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    OEM Facelift black grills

    Like so, don't want to faffing about with painting my own. Used to be on eBay all the time but can't find any. Will to pay £25 inc postage. With screws preferably. Thanks!
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    Hi, had a reverse bulb go out yesterday. Swapped it between the brake and reverse bulb -> Fine, must be the bulb. Got a new bulb and now I must have blown a fuse. Press brake pedal -> Side lights come on -> FIXED -> Wrong bulb, look underneath brake bulb and it's a single 'prong', I was...
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    Bv4 / intense blue facelift drivers wing

    Anyone got one? Drove all the way to Cleakheaton today to find the guy had already sold the bloody thing. Must have no rust. Can pick up anywhere between Burnley and Leeds.
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    Standard Celebration 1.0

    Bought for £700 last May @ 84000 miles looking like this: Now has Si dials, GX speakers and will soon have the arch trims off a GX. Still looking the same 9 months on, filthy today mind you. there's a rust patch on the front wing however that's been getting worse, there's a possibility...
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    Facelift K11 wheel trim arches

    After these really, typically found on Inspirations.
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    Steering wheel issue

    Below is a video of what's happening. Basically it feels like the steering rack is catching on something. I've made a video of it but the volume's quite low. I'd really appreciate it if you could have a listen. It's a power steering rack.
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    Swapping digital ode

    I've got a set of stock dials and some from an Si I think. The miles don't match up, not even close, could I swap the screen over from one to the other with minimal fuss?
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    Getting behind dashboard air vents and also removing front 'shields'

    One of my air vents (inner passenger side) has snapped and the gubbins are causing a real rattle. Also, on the underside of the car I've got some water shields on the cross member, they're barely hanging on now due to rust, would it be safe to remove them? They're making a noise too! Cheers...
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    Clunk from front when revving.

    When removing my foot from the peddle in my facelift I get a bit of a clunk. Cv boots have been done but I've got an advisory on my mot for the following: - offside front suspension arm has slight play in a ball joint. - nearside drag link end ball joint. Does this sound like a common fault...
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    Hopefully get a K11, few questions

    I've seen 2 K11's I'm pretty content on getting 1) £325, £500 with 12month MOT - needs new CV joint (that will surely be needed for the MOT right?) 110k miles, has some signs it was a boy racer's car with some tacky (but hopefully removeable stickers). Condition is outstanding - V reg 2)...