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  1. Immy

    Back in a micra.

    I've not posted for a while, I moved away from Nissan and have gone through BMW, Audi, VW, Honda and now back in a micra 2010 k12 ntec dci! I've had toady the k12 for about two years now and plan to keep it oem. Last weekend consisted off a full service including gearbox oil, brake fluid and...
  2. Immy

    Need another k11 1.4 se+ :) :) help please people !!! :)

    Not been on here in a while, I used to have a k11 1.0s 3 door ( the one in my avatar pic ). I then moved on to a civic sport which was written off whilst parked up by an ASS in an Asda van. I then moved pback to the micra scene and got a 1.4 se + ####ing loved the beast. However i got bored...
  3. Immy


    :cool: Hi everyone i'm after a set of micra 1.4 se+ alloys for my k11 funster. Anyone got any for sale? :cool: