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    will the electronic ignition distributor work in place of points

    Quick general question will the electronic ignition distributor work in place of the standard points one? If so what do I need to change/add/remove to make it run Charlotte
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    Can anyone make sense of the haynes instructions on adjusting auto kick down cable

    I'm trying to make sense of the instructions to adjust the kick down cable on the auto box for the early 1.0 What is movement of L? I can't get to the mechanical part of the forums as my membership cheque has gone missing. Charlotte
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    Fuel pipes K10 998cc engine

    The two fuel pipes which connect to the pump which is the return? Im refering to the two metal ones the one closest to the drivers side or passenger side ? I know one is return and one delivary, I'm only asking as I got one of those mobile mechanics to look at the car (what a joke that was) He's...
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    new issue K10 not starting

    Ok I've now got another issue The car is not starting, Yesterday it was fine starting and idling ok a little lumpy. Valve Clearances done then idled evenly. This morning she fired up lost all fuel pressure refilled fired up tried to move in gear engine cuts out, then fired up ok soon as ingear...
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    is the 988cc engine in the K10 interferance

    I have another problem with my K10 998cc following replacing the head to a known good one my car is now not starting, the starter is spinning with no problems no knocks/bangs/hisses or creaking but the engine is not starting or attempting to start. When I first replaced everything it did fire...
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    anyone know of a repair cracked cylinder head

    My K10's cylinder head is cracked anyone know if there is an easy repair? Im led to believe there is a chemical which can or is supposed to fix cracks in blocks/cylinder heads etc? Would anyone know an approx cost to have an engine centre weld the crack? Or does anyone have a M10 998 cylinder...
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    Head Bolts question

    Are the head bolts single use like Vauxhalls or reusable like certain Jaguars/Aston Martins/Volvos? Charlotte
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    membership cheque

    Hi have you received my cheque for membership? It was posted to you last week getting a touch concerned as it's not hit the bank yet. Charlotte
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    small brass capsule in idle control valve tube

    I've just replaced all the pipes on my k10's engine and came across a small brass capsule in the one which leads from the idle control solenoid or anti dieseling soleniod into the small vacuum unit on the carb is this capsule important or another bodge job? I can't find mention of it in the...
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    my Pioneer 6 changer is jamming

    Can someone advise me on how I stop my multichanger from jamming ? It gets to CD 3 then stops working I can hear the CD in the case trying to return the cassette which isn't happening. There are a set of adjusters on the side, I think these are for vertical or horizontal assembly. The...
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    MoT Usage regs for body kits

    This one is for one of the experts such as ED etc. What are the MoT guidlines or usage regulations on body kits? as I've come across a company, who currently builds boats have said they are happy to build me a body kit provided I supply moulds. I can build the moulds out of balsa/pine etc just...
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    Odds on getting a Micra ST Engine complete

    what are the odds of getting a Micra ST Engine complete? I don't need it running as I can get it rebuilt for a couple of Saturday mornings work. Don't want to import one though tends to cost major money on that. If anyone's got one forsale can you let me know please Charlotte
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    carb conversion

    What does anyone think. Some of you are fitting bike carbs to K10's now I have a pair of SU carbs as well as a pair of strombergs sitting doing nothing and think it would be fun to fit them to a K10. I've got a guy who can make me a adaptor plate to fit to a manifold thus allow it to fit to my...
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    Oh !! Am I happy or What

    How happy do you think I am ? My K10 decided today to throw an engine mount but not just any old mount the one which the autobox connects to the body with!! Rang round no one stocks them so had to call the main stealer and guess what £87inc vat so I'm not happy at all Charlotte
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    Fitting Roll bars

    I'm considering fitting anti roll bars, I've read that there are some theoretically universal ones, or they fit more than one set of cars. Would a strutt brace do the job, removing most of the body roll? Never had experience of Strutt braces so wouldn't know. Has anyone fitted Anti Roll bars to...
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    How do I add a signature

    How do I add a signature to my posts? Charlotte
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    Wierd ECU style box under drivers seat

    Under my drivers seat, bolted to the floor, I've found a small ECU style box with a plug connector on it. Anyone suggest what this is ? My K10 is carb so not EFi, Lights,Fuel pump, Indicators,heater, radiator, horn, interior lights all working as is the engine and gearbox all perfectly as is the...
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    Exactly where are the door light switches ?

    Exactly where are the door pins located on the K10? they don't seem to be where normally sited. Charlotte
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    Fitting rear speakers

    Is the parcel shelf strong enough to take a pair of speakers or would it be better to fit a pair in the recess in each rear quarter panel connecting to the parcel shelf? Does anyone have any suggestions to tidy my door cards up ? I've removed the standard fit speakers as they were dead now...
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    Nitrous Oxide

    Wouldn't that be an interesting thought ? NO2. Been thinking about it just to give the automatic 998cc K10 a little more punch on start off/junctions/traffic lights etc. Has anyone ever heard of it being done or is the engine too weak to cope ? Problem two would be the carb I've never...