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  1. Kev

    Chairman - Annoucement!

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to inform you all, that with regret I will be standing down as Chairman of the Micra Sports Club and James will be taking over my position within the next few weeks. We intended for this change to happen sooner, but unfortunately since returning from JAE, I have...
  2. Kev

    NEW - March Super Turbo Decal Sets & Micra Turbo K10 Decal Sets

    Available here on our website. OFFER: Be the first few customers to order these and supply us with photos of the decals fitted to your March ST or Micra K10. Any images supplied to us, then used in our eBay and website adverts will receive a 50% refund on the stickers...
  3. Kev

    Information request - User Paul Lesta

    Hi everyone, Does anyone happen to be in contact with the forum user Paul Lesta? A facebook page or contact number would be appreciated, (PM me rather then posting here) Thanks Kev
  4. Kev

    The JAE MSC Club BBQ

    If you haven't already done so, you can still pay for your Club BBQ for JAE. We like to try and collect payments prior to JAE to save us the hassle of taking payments at the event and also gives us an idea of budget, so we know what we can get for you! :) Every year at JAE we hold a club BBQ...
  5. Kev

    JAE 2012 Stand List

    MSC stand places for JAE 2012. 25 places available at the moment. Stand allocation based on previous JAE's PLEASE NOTE: All cars must be japanese, other then the support vehicle. Non Japanese cars will not be allowed on the stand. 1. Kev - support vehicle 2. James - Nissan Almera N16 3...
  6. Kev

    JAE - Booking your advanced tickets.

    Hi all, Sorting it out early this year, booking form going off in the post tomorrow for the stand place and I will sending in the advanced tickets seperately. Payments for advanced tickets deadline currently June 30th 2012* (subject to change) JAE advanced tickets & BBQ's If your...
  7. Kev

    Where to Buy your Micra Sports Club Stickers.

    If you would like to purchase some Official Micra Sports Club stickers, you can purchase these and many others from our website Pro Cut Vinyl.
  8. Kev

    Micra Sports Club 2012 Calendar - Payments Now Due - only a few days left

    MSC Calendar 2012 Ok, time to get the MSC 2012 Calendar sorted and ready for order. You will now have the chance to submit your images for consideration for the club 2012 Calendar. Overview: The 2012 calendar will contain images of members cars, some past and present depending on what...
  9. Kev

    1.3 Super S Boot Decal Dimensions?

    Hi everyone, Could someone do me a favour and be so kind as to measure up there 1.3 Super S boot decal please? It's the design on this link If someone could measure the width from the edge of the 1 to last S and the height of...
  10. Kev

    Member Update about to begin.

    Due to a rather mad 12-18 months, for one reason or another I have been unable; until just recently to really keep on top of any MSC admin related duties. I know people have had quite a wait for member packs through 2011 and this I apologise for and thank you for your patience. With the sale...
  11. Kev

    Unresolved trading - Name and Shame

    Username: wrighty 13.06.11 - Parts purchased from wrighty for total of £145. 21.06.11 - wrighty updated the buyer that he had been in hospital, promised they would be sent out in a couple of days via a courier and would supply tracking information. 11.07.11 - Buyer contacts myself and...
  12. Kev

    JAE Club BBQ - Pre Order your BBQ's now!

    Every year at JAE, we hold club BBQ's on the Friday and Saturday evenings, and an early afternoon BBQ on the Sunday. We offer a wide range of the usual BBQ fare such as Burgers, Sausages, BBQ chicken pieces, Pork Ribs, kebabs and anything else I can lay my hands on round the local supermarket...
  13. Kev

    Pro Cut Vinyl - Further Updates.

    Hi all, We would like to inform you that our website has had a series of updates with many new stickers now available to purchase online at New range includes OEM, Bang Tidy, new JDM stickers, as well as much much more. Thanks for looking. Kev (Y)
  14. Kev

    JAE - Stand Allocation

    MSC stand places for JAE 2011. 20 places available at the moment, if demand is there an additional 5 may be available. Stand allocation based on previous JAE's 1. James - MR2 2. Will - K11 3. Peposhi - K11 4. Karl - K10 or K11 (not sure which yet) 5. Dragonmaster_Uk (Pete) 6...
  15. Kev

    JAE - The information thread.

    The date is now Friday 9th September to Sunday 11th September. The venue is Wicksteed Park. Wicksteed is a fantastic venue and has a lot to offer ( Lake Go-kart oval Fully stocked fishing lake Fairground Roller coaster 18 hole crazy golf Putting green...
  16. Kev

    New Dedicated Server Purchased - change is here!!

    Today, we are pleased to annouce the purchase of a new dedicated server that we hope will rectify the issues we are experiencing with speed and downtime. Please bear with us while James implements the changes, this may take a little while as the new host is currently processing our order, and...
  17. Kev

    MSC 2011 Club Calendar

    MSC Calendar 2011 Ok, time to get the MSC 2011 Calendar sorted and ready for order. You will now have the chance to submit your images for consideration for the club 2011 Calendar. Overview: The 2011 calendar will contain images of members cars, some past and present depending on what images...
  18. Kev

    FAO of members waiting on Membership Packs.

    Just a quick note to say that I will getting up to date with the MSC admin over the next few days and the following members awaiting packs will have them sent out. gtsnissanb stokie1985 Jctlopez minisprite silento My apologies for the delay in processing...
  19. Kev

    JAE 2010 Report, post your comments and pics here!

    Hi all, Just a quick hello from JAE. Good first day, decent turnout from the MSC, could do with some more Micra's though, hopefully tomorow! Baz has travelled over from Ireland with some friends, Nex has spent a fortune on a plane ticket to come from Sweden, now that's dedication! Looks to...
  20. Kev

    Rainbow 6.5" Component Speakers £50 RRP £300

    Rainbow 6.5" Front components - 1 tweater stopped working, I didn't have time to check for a fix due to having to remove them, hence the price (cost new £300) The sound quality is superb! I will get the full specs off them, I just need to check the model number. If you want I can throw...