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  1. goldstar0011

    Caught not speeding (link to ther site)

  2. goldstar0011

    Smoothed wings

    Would anyone be interested in some smooth wings (no indicator holes) for prefacelift micra? Had me plenty of spare parts after getting rid of micra and throught rather than chucking to do some welding and body work stuff. This is one project, no pics yet but one wind is pretty much done...
  3. goldstar0011

    AVP2 movie

    I'm a huge Alien, Predator and AVP fan, games, books, comics and most the movies but AVP so wee'd me off. But now..........AVP : Requiem has impressed me! Trailer link Looks to be pretty gorey, the trailers impressed me so far, fingers crossed
  4. goldstar0011


    How do I get stuff of my digi-camcorder using Firewire? It's all pulgged in so now what? Software suggestions
  5. goldstar0011

    LCD monitor Any good? Why so cheap when my mate just paid £250ish for a 22" widescreen, his has DVI input and this has VGA, big price difference just for that
  6. goldstar0011

    FAO - Hoodreeper - badboy guide

    Hey Hoodreeper, in your wanted section you ask about the guide for a badboy bonnet, go to, exterior section, there's a guide made by NeX. Also, check the for sale section if you need a spare one.
  7. goldstar0011

    Battery checking

    How do I check if a car battery is a "dud"? I mean as is in doesn't told a charge properly and is dying quicly.
  8. goldstar0011

    Iomega USB2 320GB Hard Drive

  9. goldstar0011

    Chuck Norris jokes make me laugh, these make me cry!!
  10. goldstar0011

    Firefox help

    Having trouble with Firefox, when I close it the program remains in Task Manager, I've just reinstalled XP so am concerned why it's happening as it happened before. I can't find the REG key it tells me to look for
  11. goldstar0011

    Corsa B side skirts

    These are what K11 stew used for his car (he later modded them), they will need to be shortened I think to fit them £35+ Collection or meet
  12. goldstar0011

    Selling my old micra stuff (some details)

    I've posted a nice number of parts for sale in the sale section, you can get me at goldstar0011 @ if you need (I don't use the PM function) I'm a 9-5 person and busy after work alot so getting to post office is hard and local ones to me close at 12 (I sleep in sometimes) I'll...
  13. goldstar0011


    Think it's ibiza one, was moulded onto a bumper, will need cleasning up £5+ Collection or meet
  14. goldstar0011

    SR/LX door cards

    SR/LX door cards that have the plastic piece at top with smaller door cards, extra holes made as used on car with electric windows
  15. goldstar0011

    Black pre-facelift bonnet

    Black bonnet off my old superS, slight scratches and front dint due to falling over £15+ Collection or meet
  16. goldstar0011

    Drivers side sill

    Full drivers side sill £15+ Collection or meet
  17. goldstar0011

    Standard adjustable wing mirrors

    As title says £10+ Possibly post
  18. goldstar0011

    Blacked out driving lamps

    Blacked out like people do to the headlights £15+ Postage maybe
  19. goldstar0011

    Short Shifter + standard shifter

    Made this myself whilst studying welding at college, I tested this by throwing out top window and it's still together Also have a normal shifter spare £15+ for short shifter...
  20. goldstar0011

    Black Leather gaitor and mom gear knob

    As the title says £10+ Postable