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  1. Fordy

    march super turbo on ebay?

    anyone know anything about this car and why it keeps popping up on ebay teasing me to sell my track prep'd renault 5 turbo?
  2. Fordy

    March super turbo

    If anyone has or knows of anyone selling a decent march super turbo can you please let me know got bored of my 200sx and want to come back to the micra scene :grinning:
  3. Fordy

    Back again...

    well its been a long time since ive been on here after selling my red super s and moving onto 200sx land i never sold the white micra as i couldnt let go of it.... i just let my mum use it for a few months but she is moving on to something newer or a classic car..... which means the micra wont...
  4. Fordy

    Wanted K10 5 spd gearbox and ma12 engine

    looking for a decent 5 spd gearbox not fussed if its a long or short ratio aslong as the bearings are in good nick also anyone got a ma12 engine going cheap? a smokey engine will do fine/ email me on as i dont always check the site very often
  5. Fordy


    questions for ed :) im looking at pushing my 200 to over 300bhp eventually but not in one go, now all ive got currently is a safc2 (not mapped, but its good knock gauge haha) and i know this wont get me to 300bhp so.... looking at whats out there, its either a chip, power fc or emanage im...
  6. Fordy

    apexi safc 2 mapping

    ed how much would you charge to map a safc 2, ive got one fitted in the 200 now so looking for places that can map it, on e highly recommended place on the sxoc is fully booked up to the 10th of may! which is no good for me tbh
  7. Fordy

    My sx

    gave it a clean today
  8. Fordy

    k10 front strut brace

    solid brace recently professionally painted in blue brace fitted in old car, has been removed for a long time now, so taking up space £40 collected or swap for a s14a front strut brace
  9. Fordy

    k10 weber 34 ich + proper adapter plate

    forsale weber 34 ich carb fully rebuilt has been used on car for short period of time before i decided to put car back to standardish comes with the proper adapter plate not a custom made plate! can supply choke cable aswell at extra cost of a £5 carb + plate = £60 collected otherwise + postage
  10. Fordy

    s14 remap

    ed can you remap the s14a ecus? looking on the Fm site it only says the early type ?? also im thinking of different selectable maps so i maybe going emanage route ... any experience with emanage on a s14a?
  11. Fordy

    K10 1.2 Super S 60k

    right mines up for sale! need gone to make way before i get the new car specs: 1.2 60k- fully rebuilt 600miles ago 4-2-1 custom exhaust manifold + exhaust system + silencer pipe for backbox 14inch alloys side windows tinted central locking clifford intelliguard 950 alarm pioneer...
  12. Fordy

    k10 Ma12 engine parts

    Ma12 non-ecc cylinder head inc valves and springs - NO Cam included - 50 collected Ma12 non-ecc Cam - £30 collected ideal if you need a cam to send away to be reground to fast road spec Ma12 engine block includes the whole bottom end - pistons, crank, oil pump etc and sump - £50 collected...
  13. Fordy

    K10 - 5 speed gearbox

    forsale 5 speed long ratio k10 gearbox, covered 80,000 miles, in good condition looking for £120 ovno can collect it from cambrigde area or i can travel to you but not silly distances etc Contact me via PM
  14. Fordy


    late notice i know! btu come on micra owners bring your cars out! and show everyone micras can be modified aswell! but ive just got wind from a reliable source theres a cruise going on tonight! RIGHT.... 6:30 - a1 services 7:30 - stanstead services 8:30/9.00 thurock. (appparent drifting)...
  15. Fordy

    London tunnel run.. 24th of november im going along to this so hope to see a few more micras come along, even if you have a loud exhaust or not
  16. Fordy

    weber 34 ich setting up?

    anyone know exactly how to set up these carbs? any of the oldie members still have the instructions for these? any little tricks on getting these setup right? thought i'd ask mainly because there is another member with a sunny weber on the way so will help him set his up at the same time...
  17. Fordy

    WANTED ma12 ecc cylinder head

    has to be off a runner i dont want no bent valves etc
  18. Fordy

    urgently need a answer!

    anyone know if the rev counter signal on a super s is a pulsed signal or analog signal going from 0-5 volts? im being lazy and cant be arsed to check myself haha
  19. Fordy

    march super turbo

    a very very long shot but does anyone have a march super turbo forsale? not fussed about colour or if its been modded at all dont mind having to drive silly miles to get it either dont mind if its a none runner as long as every thing is there if you have one and its up forsale name your...
  20. Fordy

    k11 march rocker cover

    would anyone be wanting a k11 march rocker cover as there is one in a scrappy near me