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  1. JackJackIOT

    Help! overheating 1.0 [Dizzy]

    I fitted a gauge today and shortly after a test drive I had the engine running with the car stationary and the clocks flew straight round to right under the red mark on the temp gauge. I think I either have an air lock, Waterpump is f****d or the Thermostat is.. Top hose is warm, bottom is...
  2. JackJackIOT

    Facelift Non-Coilpack Tacho Wiring

    I'm 99% sure the wiring and ecu pinout will be identical to the pre-facelift as my March is a non-coilpack facelift, its a 1.0 Dizzy block with the plastic rocker cover. I'm looking to wire-in a tacho but in a more cleaner way, I want to avoid tapping into the dizzy, I remember reading...
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  4. JackJackIOT

    K13 Tekna 1.2 DIG-S first impressions

    So, I already have a K11, the poor old girl is pretty tired now, not externally or internally, the chassis and suspension however needs quite a bit of work, isn't dangerous but rust and corrosion all over and the CG10DE is a little lacking, as is the dash even If I have a nice Pioneer unit in -...
  5. JackJackIOT

    K11 Handling Upgrades

    Hey people, First post here, I'm building a K11 track day car and overall the performance of the car is somewhat lackluster coming from a Silvia S14 Daily Driver, and previously owning a Civic EK9 (Type R) Turbo and an Integra DC5. I have gone the route that I did with the other cars I have...