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  1. goldstar0011

    The Orange Kitted K11

    First you say you haven't set a price, then say you want £1300. Above you say you put up high to be taken down. Curtis.. offer £1100 Good luck with sale though, highly modded micras aren't the most desired car
  2. goldstar0011

    Had a small accident, need some advice help!

    no they won't if they've agreed to leave of insurance
  3. goldstar0011

    .. fined by police

    Nice one Pete, there so many lame excuses posted
  4. goldstar0011

    any body got a 4wd micra?

    buy it and retrofit parts to a UK 3dr, shouldn't be too much work for a proper mechanic
  5. goldstar0011

    pub took £40 off me, anyidea on getting it back?

    These things all the time (from point of view of having worked in a bank) if you have the void receipt it's easily sorted, if not, start by talking to your bank, the pub do hundreds of transactions and don't have time to deal with 1 mistake but your bank will
  6. goldstar0011

    computer parts

    Prices will help
  7. goldstar0011

    .. fined by police

    Would be more hassle than worth though but if it's just the principle check with solicitor
  8. goldstar0011

    Help spec'ing a pc

    I just bought this mobo this RAM Got an E6300 Core2 cheap (decent fan and it's clockable to 3ghz) Using Nvidia 7800GT (overclocked) R6 Vegas runs very very nice, I will test on Gears of War when they patch it, programs run nice and fast! The mobo has 2x IDE if you have more than 1 IDE hard...
  9. goldstar0011

    Smidge's K11 Micra Project

    Great thread!
  10. goldstar0011

    paint shop pro my bumper

    aaawww, you changed your Avatar
  11. goldstar0011

    paint shop pro my bumper

    I like how you blank the reg number yet it's in your avatar
  12. goldstar0011

    Fighting = Bad?

    Not long ago some chavy 15 year old started on everyone I was playing footy with, I was closest so he started giving me most the grief, he got aggressive so he got knocked out and he deserved it, he later started on someone else I was playing with, again he was knocked out. Fighting = bad...
  13. goldstar0011

    fill or weld rusty front member?

    I used a heavy duty double sided sticky tape, I now some used a glue to hold there's on too, both methods worked ok
  14. goldstar0011

    non-micra: SEAT Ibiza TDi

    TBH I would if I could
  15. goldstar0011

    Operating systems

    Arnold's pretty much covered it there
  16. goldstar0011

    Pictures of my primera

    Nice dad car bud
  17. goldstar0011

    Caught not speeding (link to ther site)

  18. goldstar0011

    socket set, MIG welder & Compressor on a budget!

    I got a bargain gas/gasless welder off ebay for £100, was worth nearly £200, got a comrpessor for £50 second hand with some tools, got me a full air tool kit for the great price of £80 on ebay again, worth alot more, can get a decent socket set of £50 or even less really. Don't skimp on the...
  19. goldstar0011

    Smoothed wings

    pic to come when get use of better camera and I'm happy with this 1 wing