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  1. andy88

    whats the unused grey plug for on the door?

    just got a sport+ and was sorting out the electric windows (glass come out of runner) and found this grey plug unsed on the door, theres one on each door. been bugging me wondering what there for, anyone know?
  2. andy88

    F/S: k10 super s bits + other bits job lot

    Item: k10 super s bits + other bits job lot Location: blackpool Condition: used Reason for selling: Price: £150ono Can’t see me buying a k10 again so might as well sell all the bits I’ve been hoarding from when I scraped my k10 L, was hoping to get another k10 but can’t afford to run 2...
  3. andy88

    rough/mis-firing when driving when cold

    yet another problem now which i cant figure out. when the cars cold it will start and idle fine but as soon as you start to drive it looses power/misfires and jerks all over the place but if you stop it will return to idle and idle fine. you have to let the car warm up for 3-4 mins then it...
  4. andy88

    p0100 fault code

    got the fault code on and the car kangaroos when driving at low revs. i know this relates to the maf but i changed the maf for a new one 5 months ago so i cant see it being that (unless the ebay ones dont last long). ive checked the wiring according to haynes manual and im getting the...
  5. andy88

    power steering pumps

    are the pumps the same in all the k11's or does the second facelift, coil pack engine use a different pump? dont want to go to scrappy and get the wrong one, theres not many facelift micras in there.
  6. andy88

    whats this noise?

    ok micra gurus need a bit of help on idle the cars got a bit of a knocking type sound. i first thought it was the water pump as the noise was coming from around that area, ive just changed the pump for a new one and the noise is still there, so i dont know what it is. anyone got any ideas...
  7. andy88

    replace water pump?

    anyone got any tips on how to get decent access to remove the pump? looks very tight for space and having big hands aint going to help me :lol: can i get better access to it from the wheel arch if a remove the arch liner? as usual haynes manual not that helpful.
  8. andy88

    water pump gasket

    need to change the water pump but before i go ahead with it what gasket do i use. the new pump came with a paper gasket but the haynes manual says use liquid gasket, so which do i use? or should i use both paper with a small bit of liquid gasket?
  9. andy88

    cutting out and slight hesitation

    just bought a k11 for my mum, its a year 2000 with i think the cg10de engine (has coil packs). when i test drove it when buying it, it drove fine without any problems just a noisey alternator, so went ahead and bought it :) now a few days later its cutting out at lights, also comes near to...
  10. andy88

    ebay find, super s arches

    not mine but know theres nornmally people on here looking for them skirts aswell...
  11. andy88

    crusie lights are not fog lights!

    was on way home from work tonight when i was pulled over by police, he said he pulled me over about the front fog lights. well wondering what he was on about, as i didnt have front fog lights, let him continue talking and he pointed to the cruise lights and said the front fogs lights shouldnt...
  12. andy88

    k10 super s side skirts and arches

    if anyone has any skirts and arches they want to sell let me know, struggling to find a set. cheers Andy
  13. andy88

    mig welder any good

    aldi have got a MIG welder for £99.99 was just wondering whether its any good for car body work.
  14. andy88

    andy's k10

    well heres my beauty all polished up
  15. andy88

    shock absober

    my rear near side shock absorber has leaked all its oil, so ive been and got a replacement from my local motorfactors. it's a monroe and cost me £22. is monroe anygood and is it a good price, i dont know whether to change all the shocks? what do you think? cheers andy
  16. andy88

    ss dial lights

    ive just got some super s dials (thanks daveeeeee) and i want them to light up red, was looking at previous threads and its mentioned that there is a green film and it was said that it wasnt removable but it is and easily, there just green domes with white tops that just pull off. pic...
  17. andy88

    super s spoiler

    quick question what size are the 4 nuts to hold the spoiler on? cheers andy
  18. andy88

    steering clunk

    got home from work and when turing the car aroud theres a clunk sort of sound, anyone any clue as to what this clunk is about. first time its made this sound, only when turing the wheel. andy
  19. andy88


    as title says, hi, lol im andy, i learnt to drive in a k12 sport+ in 2006, and got hooked on micras, so i got myself a 5 door k10:love: had it about 5 months and love it. my mum has a 3door k10, shes had it for the past 10 years and it never let her down once (touch wood). been reading...