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  1. Huggy444

    Wanted - K10 Mid Spoiler

    Hi all, Does anyone happen to have a k10 mid spoiler lying around / know of one for sale? Failing that, a normal roof spoiler would do. Thanks, Alex
  2. Huggy444

    Huggy's Clean Ass K10

    Hi all, Just picked up a 1986 k10 1.0 4 speed this morning, my god they're slow. Think im in love already, it's very body rolly in the corners though so wanting coilovers ASAP. Has only done 36,000 miles and is in impeccable condition - only a little bit of surface rust wanting sorting. Just...
  3. Huggy444

    Micra k11 Brake Upgrade Options

    Hi all, Thought I'd make a thread documenting which brake setups etc definitely fit the micra with no/very little modifications. 100nx / Sunny n14/ Early Almera n15 You'll need the 1.6 100nx callipers, the 1.4/1.6 sunny brakes are exactly the same. The bits you'll need are the calliper...
  4. Huggy444

    K11 - Fitting After Market Steering Wheel

    Quick guide to replacing the airbag wheel on the K11 micra. Not a hard task so a guide isnt really needed, but I'm bored so here it is: Tools needed (2000 car): 19mm socket and an extension 12mm spanner for removing battery T30 Torx Phillips and Flat headed screwdriver 3mm allen key 1)...
  5. Huggy444

    Clocks stopped working

    Hi all, Removed the clocks and lots of wiring. Reinstalled everything and I have indicator turn signals, full beam, etc lights but no rev counter, speedo and temp/fuel gauge. No idea why? Have I missed an earth lead somewhere?
  6. Huggy444

    Bigger brakes on 1.4/1.3?

    Just wondering if the brakes on the bigger capacity engines are larger? I've heard from someone that they where but I though they where the same? Any help is good
  7. Huggy444

    Frank holding an engine

    OK... Anyone have the photo of Frank holding a micra engine? @frank Want to show my health and safety lecturer :p
  8. Huggy444

    Goodyear Eagle Touring 165/55/R13

    Hi all, 8 x Goodyear Eagle Touring tyres, 165/55/R13. All have at the very least 4mm tread, majority have 5/6.5mm tread. Perfect size for slight stretch onto 7J Wheels. Looking for £20-25 depending on tread. Thanks Edit: Pictures added down page, and tyres are located in Peterborough, Cambs.
  9. Huggy444

    Noddie front upper strut brace *cheap*

    Hi all Got an upper strut brace a while back, didn't fit my face lift with PAS pump and thus is why Noddie made the bracket for the pump During trying to make it fit I grinded of a section, not much, but see the photos below. Some chips due to storage. Will need to be repainted. Can post, and...
  10. Huggy444

    Wanted: Dizzy manifold + cat

    Looking for a pre 2000 manifold and catalyst in decent condition, up to £50 delivered, maybe more if necessary. Thanks
  11. Huggy444

    13" tyres

    Hi all, Got a set of 5 budget tyre's - 155/70/13 - that ive taken of some steels, all have lots of tread (will get apprx depths later) Willing to let them go for £40 for 5, or give me an offer
  12. Huggy444

    Tachometer wiring

    Hi all, got myself a used tacho but have no idea what the wires from the tacho should connect to? For instance i dont know which wire is the ground wire.... The little sticker on the back reads 'for 12V negative ground' Also no idea what the two metal studs on either side are for? Shown...
  13. Huggy444

    Window Winder Clip

    Lost the window winder clip when taking it off (Pinged off into another dimension)...Stupid, yes haha Does anyone have one or know the part numbers?!
  14. Huggy444

    WTD: 13" alloys, mani + cat

    Hi all, Looking for some 13" alloys that fit/ have been made to fit the micra :) Also wanting a pre 2000 manifold and catalyst system in good condition Thanks in advance
  15. Huggy444

    F/S: Sparco Rev seat x2

    Item: Sparco Rev seat x2 Location: Peterbough Condition: As New Reason for selling: Don't fit my fat ass Price: £530 Bought these for me, but was meant to order a different seat....Thus they don't fit me. Good for an average person's size. They were made in March 2013, thus still have nearly 5...
  16. Huggy444

    Question: Peter Lloyd Exhaust on a Facelift 2001

    Hi all, I've asked a similar question before but can't find the Bl**dy thread... :/ Basically, got a 2001 1.0L Coil PAck and when I fit a PL exhaust what needs to be moved around? Like lambada sensors, etc. Also, is there only the 1 CAT in the Mani in a 2001? Ta :)
  17. Huggy444

    Steering Wheels

    Hi all, Just wondering what size steering wheels and boss's you're all using? Cheers Edit: And what dish?
  18. Huggy444

    F/S: Custom door cards: Gauging interest

    Item: Custom door cards: Gauging interest Location: Peterborough Condition: New Reason for selling: Price: £35+ (Maybe) Hi all, After having issues with my door cards clearing the roll cage, I decided to flatten them down, fill the speaker holes etc... Just wondering if anyone...
  19. Huggy444

    F/S: Micra K11 Interior + Front Springs

    Item: Micra K11 Interior + Front Springs Location: Peterborough Condition: Good Reason for selling: No longer needed as rally prepped cars Price: £0 The interior consists of most of the interior, apart from front door cards, headlining and front dash. Message and ill see if I have it :) The...
  20. Huggy444

    13" Wheels

    Hi all, looking for some standard fit alloys as can't be fussed with spigot rings and all that.... Only need two wheels, but I don't mind buying four Not fussed about condition as long as they hold air and aren't buckled, quality of tyres doesn't matter as putting slicks on them Cheers