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  1. Comedywizard

    Exhaust differnces?

    Hi, Is there any difference between the exhaust system for a manual over an auto box setup? If there is I can only imagine it would be front pipe for clearance perhaps? I know the cr petrol engines have a centre silencer whereas the dci diesel doesnt. As the back boxes are all the same...
  2. Comedywizard

    Engine change

    Done engine swap beforw but not on micra.
  3. Comedywizard

    Engine change

    Hi guys, is it fairly straightforward on the k12 to take engine out? Whats easier, complete with box? My wifes 1.2 auto is getting lumpy and grumpy although not bad when warmed. so I was thinking either swap her out for better engine or sell it and change car completely Theres plenty of...
  4. Comedywizard

    Over assisted steering problem?

    Ok great, thanks for the tip. I will give it a try!
  5. Comedywizard

    Windscreen fitter - South Wales

    Hi guys, anyone know a good / cheap windscreen fitter in South Wales area? Im sellling my mums k12 for spare/repair as clutch has gone and she has got a note instead. It has good windscreen which I want to swap as my wifes k12 auto has a nasty scratch. Any recommendation would be welcome...
  6. Comedywizard

    Swapping speedo dash binnacle

    Hi dont know if any else has experience of this but thought Id share it. Basically wifes micra has fault with tell tale indicator arrow not working on the dash binnacle. (bulbs ok). So decided to swap binnacles with one from spare car I have which works fine. Plugged in and the light now...
  7. Comedywizard

    1.2 sport

    Yeah they are slightly thicker coil too so probably stronger / last longer. My original springs had rusted and snapped! I picked up a set of complete front struts and rear springs/shocks from a sr160 with very low mileage, like new from ebay.
  8. Comedywizard

    1.2 sport

    Yeah exactly that, same ahock, slightly stiffer spring. I fitted a set to my 1.5dci. Any brake or suspension component will fit any model.
  9. Comedywizard

    1.2 sport

    Sport is just a trim level, options such as wheels, rear hatch spoiler etc..
  10. Comedywizard

    Over assisted steering problem?

    Hi, Ive found many articles on power steering problems and dash light showing but my issue is that there is no dash light and the steering feels too light, as if its over assisting! (2003. 1.5 dci) Any one experienced this before? I have changed track rods, tracking has been done and tyre...
  11. Comedywizard

    Random rear wiper

    Funny enough my front wipers decided to go all by themselves this morning, even though they were switched off!. No matter what position I turned them they kept wiping. argh I hope this isnt the start of the curse of renault electrics! :@
  12. Comedywizard

    Random rear wiper

    Thanks for the info. Yeah may give it a go until find spare one.
  13. Comedywizard

    Random rear wiper

    Ok thanks, thought may be the case it needs replacing. I remember on my old P11 Primera you could take the front motor apart and clean the grease off contacts, but easier to replace if find low mileage being broken.
  14. Comedywizard

    Random rear wiper

    Hi guys, presume this is a common fault but wanted to see if its easy fix or needs replacement motor? Basically the rear wiper now decides it will stop/park randomly when/where it want to after you turn it off. It will only wipe again after 30secs or so before parking in another position...
  15. Comedywizard

    Strut compatability

    Yeah the sport + model is just a trim level, mechanically the same as any other. All k12's have same strut/shock fitment, its only the sr 1.6 that has slightly stiffer spring. I recently changed my struts on my dci the sr ones and my wifes shocks are due upgrade on her 1.2 auto as they're...
  16. Comedywizard

    K11 3-door SR drivers glass?

    Hi guys, As per title I'm replacing the door glass for a friend as his was smashed. Basically just want to know if any 3-door glass will fit or is there any difference with early / later face lift k11 models? His is a V reg. Also were all k11 electric windows? or if not are they compatible...
  17. Comedywizard

    Alternative tyres to 175/60's?

    I've looked into this. check out these useful links to give you some common comparisons. As a general rule so long as you try to stay...
  18. Comedywizard

    2008 1.5dci timing belt or chain?

    Yep, definitely, I have receipt for mine which was done just before I bought it. :D The dci is a Renault k9k diesel as used in Clio's and Megane's etc...
  19. Comedywizard

    New engine K12 Micra

    Glad to know. My wife's 1.2 auto is a grumpy old thing starting up and also chain rattles when cold. Idles rough but think maybe throttle body. Runs fine when warmed up though but think I may have to change it sometime. When pulling away from junction will sound boomy and feels like handbrake...