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    P1706 code engine light on +no reverse light still.... after changing the switch and light bulb

    Hi all, On my 2005 k12 1.2 sport daily, recently the reverse light stopped working and I want to get this fixed, Did the usual fault finding, changed the bulb, got a new aftermarket reverse light switch, replaced it under the car by the gearbox. After changing both of these, the engine light...
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    advice and help on my k11 whinning noise on idle

    hi all, i have a problem ... say the least... lol my 1997 998cc k11 73k miles starting making a whinning noise on idle. with a funky burnt plastic smell to it. volt meter is reading 12.3v on idle. rev up it goes to about 13.1v. also ive tighten the tensioner. im really hoping some of u...