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  1. Special K

    FOR SALE: 1989 F-Reg Nissan Micra LS (K10 - Late Mark1)

    SOLD Location: Bristol Spec: Metallic Blue, 3 Door Hatchback, Petrol, Manual (4 gears), 988cc, Factory-fitted sunroof, Current Mileage: 45392 miles Just had an MOT (expires: 15th July 2014) and has had two new front tyres and brake pads fitted. In the past couple of years it's had a new...
  2. Special K

    1989 K10 Cam Belt Cover

    Hi all, I've had some bad luck with my car recently... the water pump seized up and caused my cam belt to come off whilst I was driving along the M4!!! I'm quite lucky that it's not going to cost the earth and the overall damaged wasn't as bad as it could have been so I'm getting it fixed but I...
  3. Special K

    Coloured wax/ polish for my K10?

    Hi all, it's been a while since I last posted a message... but things have been going well with my K10 (so far at least!) I am looking for advice though. I am looking to buy some coloured wax/ polish for my K10 which will sort out a few surface scratches on my car. I know what colour code my...
  4. Special K

    Touch-up Paints

    Hi guys, I'm after getting touch-up paint for my car which is a 1989 K10. I've been having difficulty finding places to buy my colour. The colour code is BG1 which is known as Blue Met or Greyish Blue. I've found one place (automotivetouchup) in the states which I'm waiting to hear from as I...
  5. Special K

    1989 K10 Front Bumper (Pre-Facelift)

    Hello all, been a reader of this forum for sometime now and I now registered! I own a 1989 F-Reg Nissan Micra LS K10. It's in excellent condition apart from the front bumper having a few cracks in it. I'm looking to get a new front bumper for it. I know from researching Micra bumpers that...