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  1. TTnA

    OEM / Genuine Nissan Parts Online?

    Hi Being up here in the sticks we don't have any Motor Factors we can use, and there is no Nissan dealer up here (Northern Isles) - is there a Nissan dealership anywhere that will..... a) have an online shop for parts b) let me order and pay over the phone and post? After a few bits...
  2. TTnA

    Filling with fuel

    This is our 3rd Micra, and we've had this on every one, although my wife's 1.0 K11 on a K plate wasn't as bad. Filling up with petrol just seems to be a nightmare, even worse here on island as the choices are limited to well 1 as the other shops pump calibration units are broken so their pumps...
  3. TTnA

    roof rubber strips

    We've got one missing, the car took a trip to Crewe before making its journey up North and someone thought it would be fun to rip it off, we're left with two plastic lugs - options are, find one from a salvage yard (can they come off and go back on with ease?) or...remove the other side use...
  4. TTnA

    First tune, service, mod

    Hiya Well I've read the panel filter / induction filter battle is still going on...and on....and on :laugh: but our new 1998 1.0 Twister is about to get looked after properly for the first time. Knowing it has full stamped history means not a lot these days, and well it was just a shopping...
  5. TTnA

    Greetings...5 years on

    Hello 5 years ago, I'm sure my wife and I had a membership here, but then we also had two Micra's - after getting married, moving, owning a Citroen C15 a Pug 306 a Skoda Felicia, and a Citroen Xantia estate, we're back with a Micra :grinning: Really forget how much we loved them, they're...