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    Dials etc...
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    Anyone be able to help ps3 issue

    I sold my ps3 a while back, stupidly i forgot to format it, now notifications keep coming up on my facebook so obviously the new user is logged in as me and getting trophies downloading etc... Theres no card details on it but its getting very annoying knowing that someone is using my id etc...
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    Starlet GT Turbo Quadlight Model for sale

    Pics and info here! :) Cheers!! :)
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    Clutch changing

    How hard is it to change the clutch for a kind of noob? Has anyone got a tutorial or some pics maybe?! Thanks fellas! :)
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    I maybe leaving the micra world for a bit! :(

    My friend has offered me a good deal on my super s with a car i have wanted for a long time! :) So i maybe away for a while, but theres no doubt ill be back as ive had 8 micras already!! lol
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    [SOLD] Thinking of selling?!?! Im in ireland just so people know! :)

    Im thinking of selling my muched loved super s but im not sure?! So if anyone here in ireland is interested pm me and well have a chat! :) Heres a pic ill tell you what you want to know in pm! :) Its a recent pic dont mind the date/time lol
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    Gumtree find, not mine! For anyone looking more ooomph!!! :) Price doesnt seem too bad?! Never anything like this in ireland!! lol
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    My new super s! :)

    Here it is as i bought it, Not the cleanest 1 about, but its not too bad and has lowish miles... Theres not many super s's about ireland and i made a mistake selling my last 1 so i saw this and grabbed it before it went So far ive got a newish backbox as the last fella drilled...
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    Handbrake light?!

    I took the car out this morning, drove it down the drive and realised the handbrake light staed on, took the hanbrake apart inside the car bit, took the cable off put back on but still stays on?! Any idea?!
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    Need help with a few things thanks in advance! :)

    Right if anyone could possibly know this it would be perfect, someone has cut and shut the wires for the cd player in my car, i bought it like it and its obviously done wrong so does anyone know which colour is for which bit?! if that makes sense, as the connection on it the wires are all...
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    Nissan micra equation 99 IRELAND

    Nissan micra for sale, reluctant sale, car is in very good condition. has tax untill october and mot is up the end of the month but will have full mot if its not sold by then! Its 1.0l 16 valve, spoiler, alloys with great tyres, sills where welded for last mot so dont need to worry about that...
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    ebay find, havent seen 1 about for ages! looking a bit much if you ask me, but i like!! :)
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    Light/electrical problem help please! :)

    I noticed today that my sidelights come on everytime i brake?! Is this a common fault?! Does anyone know the problem or have had the same problem?! I only noticed it because i was behind a nice shiny new car and saw the reflection lol
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    Water in the carburetor?

    My car died after going through a huge puddle, i thought that may be the problem, my friend also suggested it, he towed me a bit in gear got it going for a minute but as soon as i let of the accelorator it died, can any1 help? What will need done? Will it just need to be let dry? Cheers fellas!
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    Get well soon jody!!!

    Another msc crash... hope your ok and get better soon, dont want to put pics up as it wasnt me that crashed but all i can say is hes verylucky, and i wish people would learn to drive im sure jody will agree, and know what side of the road is their own!!!
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    Almera gti

    My almera gti is for sale, im in ireland just so eveyone knows, not sure how much to ask just pm me cheers, heres some info... I have a 97 nissan almera 2.0 GTI p1 150 bhp, 106k its black, lowered, 17 inch alloys, drilled and grooved brakes, sunroof, electrics etc... front and rear strut...
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    The clicking noise you get from turming, is a cv joint?!?! Im not quite sure what it is just guessing, dony know too much!!!:laugh: Which i should really change lol
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    other forums??

    Why arent other forums as good as this 1?!?! lol... been looking about, joined the aoc as ive just bought a gti, but this forum is just so hassle free and the fellas are quality!!!:D
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    At last...

    Ive been here a while, but finally im an official member!!!:D (Thanks to jody!!!:laugh:)
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    What to do???

    Ive been llooking at a gti almera, and a capri?!?! Not sure what i want now lol... ive also seen a sri corsa but not too fond of them, only this 1s nice?!?! What do you fellas think?!?