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    Building a ma12 advice please

    ma12 engine build cheers guys, got a lot of bits just never built up a complete engine so any advice on settings, and suppliers would be much appreciated (Y)
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    Building a ma12 advice please

    I've taken a leap and had a go at autograssing (recommend it to you all..check it racing and a great laugh(Y)) in a mighty micra and now would like to build a decent class2 engine out of the bits I've collected but would appreciate any advice and contacts as I've never built a...
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    k11 drivers wing wanted

    hi there looking for a good condition green (DV8 paint code) wing, drivers side for a K11 about y reg...anyone got one??? cheers
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    which head gasket??

    looking for a head gasket for a ma12 are they the same as the 1.0? any brands or part numbers I should look for? do you get a full engine rebuild kit?? cheers guys
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    ?head gasket number please?

    got few unidentified spares with my micras: one is a complete head gasket set. its a FAI brand number HS339 equiv to DL791 I've got 1.2 k10s and wonder if this fits them..anyone help or advise the best gasket kits...would buy a complete engine gasket/seal kit too so any recommendations...
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    k10 gearbox markings

    re gearbox codes hi bob, that a good box for 'grassing?...I've an engine to go in and 3/4 gearboxes to choose from but I've no Idea which is best, any tips from a champ??
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    polybushes? anyone do them for k10?

    looking to sort out the ride on my k10 and am about to fit new avo front struts and gaz coilies on the rear. I've looked at the wishbone bushes etc and they're mingin'! anyone got any recommendations or specs for poly bushes, powerflex, superflex etc...any info much appreciated cheers(Y)
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    Free new fuel filter,radio harness,rear shoes

    hi there if you've still got shoes and filter I'd be'll be the first sponsor of my autograss racer to keep the novas in the dust. many thanks if you do..if not cheers anyway.. I'm luke nicol, achosnich, mid anguston, peterculter, aberdeen,ab140pp. I'll stick somehing...
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    re coilies I've a set of GAZ coilovers on my autograss micra..adjustable damping and ride hight...toatlly transforms the car..bit of messing about to get ride hight and damping sorted but noithing technical just turn knob to adjust damping and turn ride hight collar with a c spanner. ...
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    Gearbox probs to come??!!

    can you aralditie a "bar" or similar across to prevent it coming out totally? silicone sealant/instant gasket to bodge it in place? just a wee thought..all the very best on your trip, had a wee look at doing this with a mate next year so we'll be watching the blog.
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    34 ICH Weber Carb for Sale

    is this carb still for sale? is this carb still up for sale? What's the choke size? (should be stamped on the body saying some thing like "34/28". Do you know where it came from origionaly as the internal jets and tubes need are dif depending on which motor it came from? (just asking cos I'd...
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    k10 front shocks: alternatives, Nova?

    shocks cheers Frank.."o/o/p?" sorry not sure what that means? I'll pm micras69 ta
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    k10 front shocks: alternatives, Nova?

    shocks cheers Frank, I'm having a go at Autograssing but on standard springs /shocks. Cant afford full AVO set up like the top boys have so was looking for a cheap alternative that would at least improve the wallowing. ta for the gen..When you say "made to fit"...any more info?? cheers mate
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    k10 front shocks: alternatives, Nova?

    looking to uprate my front shocks on a budget. local free adds etc always got adds for nova/corsa spax/gmax shock n springs etc cheap I think I read a post somewhere here that said nova ones fitted if you drilled out lower hub mount holes 8mm to 10mm or am I speaking guff?fwn
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    Breaking My K10 Super S Turbo

    coilovers are these still for sale? cheers
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    kyb rear shocks ebay

    check out wilco motors: kyb rears £55 the pair delivered for k11, £35 for k10...what a b@gger just bought pair of monroes
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    kyb shocks ebay

    wilco motorspares is doing pair kyb rear shock for £35 delivered ont know if this is a bargain but might save a quid or 2
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    hi there bob been trying to post photos of yr manifold but not having much luck. have you got an...

    hi there bob been trying to post photos of yr manifold but not having much luck. have you got an email I can send them to? cheers...back off to the garage
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    lowering springs 30/35mm

    looking for a set of lowered and or stiffer springs K11 or K10 cheers fellas
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    0.040" pistons??? max over bore for autograssing is 0.040" . can you pm with the approx price for a set of pistons and rings...for a k10 ma12 cheers mate