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  1. garfield721


    I'm interested in both the whiteline antiroll bars. Could you pm me a price? Thank you.
  2. garfield721


    I second that. I have a 2000 K11C with OEM front tweeters, door speakers and big rear shelf speakers driven by an aftermarket stereo. The sounds are better than any standard car I've ever had. And this is a 16 year old car.
  3. garfield721

    1.2 Suntop Restoration

    It looks great. Well done.
  4. garfield721

    Cleaning/Replacing MAF Sensor

    The Bosch part number that is. Don't waste your time, money or effort using a £25 MAF. It won't last and would likely have issues from the offset.
  5. garfield721

    Cleaning/Replacing MAF Sensor

    I had slightly poor running issues on my 1.4 K11C last week and previous weeks. Last week it stalled coming to a red light and again at the next one. I unplugged it and all was well. It obviously used a bit more fuel whilst it was unplugged but it was much better and wasn't stalling. It actually...
  6. garfield721

    k11 1.4 brakes

    Good to know for next time. Thanks.
  7. garfield721

    k11 1.4 brakes

    I recently changed my front brakes (K11C 5 door 1348cc (1.4)). Depending on what website I went on, it said I could use vented or solid. I think there was a difference of 4mm in diameter between the two and £40. In the end I went for solid as it had solids on it. With trade card, they were £30...
  8. garfield721

    Engine died on motorway in foreign country

    Karla, I feel for you. The engine has likely been destroyed in a number of ways. The internals will have been running without lubrication and caused it to seize and destroy its bearings and seals. It has also likely overheated and destroyed its piston rings, camshafts, crankshaft and likely a...
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    Hello all, I thought I'd better introduce myself as I've been on here just under a couple of months now. A few months ago I would have never ever considered being in a micra, never mind owning one. I was looking to buy a cheap runabout to save horrific running costs in my other car. I had a...
  10. garfield721

    BSR coilovers & k11 facelift stuff- CHEAP!!!

    I'm still interested mate, providing they are in good nick. I was just waiting for you to let me know their condition, as you said?, once you remove them from the car.
  11. garfield721

    BSR coilovers & k11 facelift stuff- CHEAP!!!

    Slimothy, No worries and no rush mate. I also understand that, given they hold the whole car up off its ass, you will likely want to shed as many parts as possible, prior to taking them off.
  12. garfield721

    BSR coilovers & k11 facelift stuff- CHEAP!!!

    Slimothy, I'm interested in the coilovers mate. Are they compression or rebound adjustable? Do they just bolt straight on in place of the OEM shocks and springs or do you need a modified mount?
  13. garfield721

    turbo kit

    Will this fit a CGA3DE 1348cc (1.4 16v)? Where about in the country do you live mate? Regards.