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    micra k11 slx trim

    for sale slx trim x1 slx parcel shelf with speakers £offers x4 electric windows £offers central locking £offers slx seats an door cards good condition £offers matt 07817964400
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    cam timing

    hi does anybody have any cam timing figures for a 1000cc engine with 1300cc cams. matt
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    Head porting

    Hi has anybody ever tried porting and polishing there own cylinder head, ifso what have you used and what special tools are needed. I know this can be trickey so was thinking just to do a mild port to remove the rough casting marks. Will be greatful for any help matt
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    5:1 cwp

    Does anyone run 5:1 crown wheel and pinions ifso were are people getting them from, or are they available out of different models.
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    bike carbs

    what inlet manifolds are people useing for bike carbs. if anyone could put me in touch with some makes them would be apprichiated. belive bogg brothers make them has anyone used one of theres? matt
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    1.0 & 1.3 cams

    how can you tell the difference between the 1000cc cams and the 1300cc cams i.e product numbers or part numbers. thanx matt
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    gear boxes!

    hi do the face lift micra gearboxes have longer 1st an 2nd gear? or any other? thanx matt
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    bike carbs

    any use bike carbs on k11 micras ifso what inlet manifold do you use. thanx matt
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    k11 micra 1.4 engine mods?

    hi was thinking of how much bhp you can get out of a 1.4 engine. were to buy the internals like pistons,rods,cams and cranks. thanx matt