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    GA16 ???

    will the GA16 go right in to a micra k11 ? what else will i need to chance ? ovbs bigger brakes but is there anything els e.g drive shafts? would be a grate help as i am now looking for a micra to start my conversion :D !!
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    Micra / 2.0 primera lump ?

    how easy is it to get a 2.0 primera lump into a micra ? looking to do this to my micra when ive got it ! also what else would i need to change on my micra? i know better brakes etc but anything else?
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    JDM Car Club Meet

    My brother set up a JDM car club meet for all jap car owners or jap car enthusiasts first meet went good with about 15 cars turning up had some s14's rx8 350z's civic's starlet's skyline subaru decided too start doing it monthly so was just wondering if any of you guys fancyed it we will be...
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    Newbie from cornwall

    hi my names talan im from cornwall and im looking to get a micra for my first car :D my 16th birthday is coming up so still got a while to wait until i can drive ! My brother is big into his jap cars and thats whats got me into it he drives a toyota starlet gt turbo !