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    tein for K12

    hi from greece!! i was about to purchase a tein Super Compact GSP10-G1AS3 coilover for my micra K12 so i emailed and recieved that: ''Thanks for your mail. We do produce coilovers for Micra K12. In fact there are a few. However, there are a few differences between the Euro...
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    K&N on 1.2 - Worth the Money?

    Hello! i just replaced the nissan filter with K&N and frankly didnt notice much. its a little noisier and i thing on high revvs got a little strength. i saw the 57i induction and i think that with that the dirt will reach the outside of the filter very easily. you would have to clean it every...
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    Will Wheels from another Car my our K12?

    the 15/5 white enkei's of suzuki ignis sport fit with some mods thow... 60.1mm centre bore hole for micra than the 59.1mm and an 1-2mm trim on the brake caliper.