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    BBS Split rims

    I have a set of BBS split rims. These are very rare There 13x8 and have had the centres machined to suit the micra. The centre are magnesium and very light each wheel weighs 4kgs. I have got the centres powered coated black. The wheel currently need building but I have put one together to show...
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    Hybrid Inlet Manifold

    Hi I'm selling my hybrid inlet manifold. Its a copy of what the guys in Japan do to upgrade the inlet manifold on the micra. There is a few bits to finish on it but I've done all the hard work to get it this far. You just need a throttle body off a starlet and your ready to rock. Looking £100 for it
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    1.3 Flywheel

    Looking for a 1.3 flywheel so that I can lighten it for my car, let me know what you've got
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    1.4 coilpack engine

    Looking for a 1.4L coilpack engine or if you know somewhere around the midlands area that might have one please pm me contact details for them.
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    Gearbox idenification

    I'm looking to see how to identify the gearbox in the micra with the shortest final drive in it and what yr car should i be looking at.
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    High compression 1.3 running on 1.0L ecu

    I'm running a 1.3 engine with the 1.0L pistons and ported head with std cams, have a 4 branch manifold and air filter aswell. The question is will it run ok on a std 1.0L ecu I Know frank should be able to answer this no problem.
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    1.3L Inlet cam wanted

    I'm after just the inlet cam from a 1.3L engine as my engine is an auto version it has a different inlet cam to normal 1.3L
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    Sump Guard ideas

    What ideas do you have for a sump guard for the micra. or where can you get ones
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    Wheel for TGIF brake setup

    Just seen what other Nissan wheels fit over these brakes
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    1.0L or 1.3L head wanted

    Looking for a good condition cylinder head around derby area let me know what you have
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    Fully adjustable 5 link rear.

    Fully adjustable 5 link rear. Look see I'm looking at doing a fully adjustable kit for the rear of the micra. I have a kit done for a mate pic's below. The links are made from 6061-T6 alloy and the rose joints are 7075-T6 alloy This kit came in at 1.1kg with everything you see...
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    Need help from everyone measurements

    Hi everyone I need measurements of the links on the rear axle. I need to know centre to centre lenghts of the panrod, and the other links can't remember there name. It will be benefit the whole community if i'm able to get these measurements. all will come appartent in a couple of...
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    fuel cap

    hi lads need a fuel cap in the derby area
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    TPS setup

    Does anyone know how the tps should be setup on the trottle body at all??
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    super s bumpers

    hi everyone i have a 1.0L S micra and i'm going to be putting super s bumpers on it, what i need to know is what else apart fromt he bumpers do i need for the conversion?
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    Janspeed manifold

    Well i put on my janspeed manifold onto my 1.0L today that i got from kristian. Still have the cat and standard backbox on. It only took me 1hr 30min to get it onto the car and have it running. impressed with the results, a bit of bottom end torque has been lost, but it makes up for it after...
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    parts suppliers

    Hi lads Do you have any sites where i can get micra parts as i'm after a headgasket kit and head bolts.
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    trottle body

    I was woundering has anyone tried to bore out the standard micra trottle body to a bigger size with a new butterfly, if so what are the problem faced with As running the 1.6 one seems to give more problems than power, where a bigger micra one you might see better results?
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    Head question

    Are the tappets set on the head by shims or different sized buckets? need to know for putting my 1.3 cams in as i just have the cams.
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    Engine Work

    Hi everyone <Snipped> Please don't take this down admins, as if i get work through this i will pay to be a member.