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    MA10ET motor info - figaro myths?

    After blowing up my fig motor I wanted to fix it - since one head stud broke inside the old block I had to source an MA10 block. I got luck and got a full shortblock from a K10. We opened up the engine and what a surprise - all internals in the MA10 are the same as in MA10ET! I was mostly...
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    Figaro - lovely, costly, and with blown motor

    My GF and I are officially in the Figaro vibe. As a present, it was something to take and thank for it as in all it is a great little funny thing, and pretty cool too. Long story short, I have a seized motor, which will need a rebore on 2 cylinders, or possibly a full rebore with overbore...
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    K13 supercharger onto a K11?

    Did any of you lads think about the possibility to add a K13 SC to a CG engine? There are some relatively cheap ones, including a TB (probably would not be plug and play, of course), which make me think this would be a nice and cheap and trouble free set up. The SC would have to be inverted...
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    Roadmap to some performance on a Super S

    Hi All, Recently I got an old love of mine - a fully packed 1996 pre Nats Micra SS with 139 K km. After getting her fully serviced and replacing brakes and stock suspension I would like to get out of her a few added ponies. As I have access to many Nissan parts here in Poland for relatively...
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    Hello from Poland - new member but old love for the micra

    Hi All, My name is Andrew and I am from Warsaw, Poland. I had a few micras in my life and always enjoyed this little vehicle due to its specific character and beauty, good performance and great reliability. My first was my moms k10 1.0 5D in silver. I did all the training on this car and...